7 November

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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For events that took place elsewhere in the Great War, see The Great War:7 November.

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 7 November.


  • Hirings take place at Carlisle, Appleby and Kendal.[1]
  • Enlistments: Thomas Garnett (16334 Pte.)  •  Henry Graham (15543 Pte.)  •  Frederick Bruce Gibson (16315 Pte.)  •  Reuben Hetherington (16301 L/Cpl.).
  • A detachment of the Lonsdales, under the command of 2nd Lieut. W.A. Hobson, parades at Blackhall Camp.[2]
  • Route for the march through Carlisle: Currock Road, James Street, Viaduct, Milbourne Street, Kendal Street, Hawick Street, Caldewgate, Annetwell Street, Castle Street, Market Place. Halt. Scotch Street, The Sands, Lowther Street, Bank Street, Crescent, Botchergate, St. Nicholas to Camp.[3]
  • Route march of 1 sergeant, 2 corporals and 40 men in uniform without arms[4] march to Cummersdale station at 1pm. At 1.35pm they take the train and proceed to Maryport, arriving at 2.40pm. They are met by a band and to march through the town.[2]
  • At about 3.20pm the detachment leaves Maryport and marches to Workington, arriving about 5.15pm. Tea is provided after which the men are dismissed to their homes until Monday 9 November.[2]
  • Conviction of Edward Salkeld of the Lonsdale Battalion is convicted for stealing a cart and harness. He is imprisoned for one month or to pay 23 shillings.[5]


  • Battalion situated at La Vicogne involved in general parades of instruction.[6]


  • Battalion situated in the Roubrouck Area involved in training.[7]

References / notes[edit]

Material from Timeline/Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 - May 1915) are sourced from the DLONS/L/13/13 Lowther Estate Archives. Entries from this timeline are reproduced here with kind permission of Jim Lowther and are not available under the license of this site. Please do not publish these extracts on other publicly visible media without prior permission from the copyright holder.

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