3 November


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 3 November.
For events that took place elsewhere, see our sister project The Great War On This Day

1914 (Tuesday)

  • One man is recruited at Roadhead.[1]
  • Enlistments: James Blair (15483 L/Cpl.).
  • Letter about hirings: "the main hirings in Westmorland are Appleby & Kendal, both on Sat. 14th. I propose with your leave to send a Section to Appleby (preferably of local men) under [Lieutenant] Rivington & shall make a show there." [2]

1916 (Friday)

  • Battalion situated at La Vicogne involved in general parades of instruction under Commanding Officer.

1917 (Saturday)

  • Battalion situated in the Roubrouck Area.
  • Church parade and memorial service to the late Chaplain [?] C.F. at 2pm.


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  2. Record No. DLONS/L/13/13/7
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