3 December

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 3 December.


  • By order of the War Office,[1] the Lonsdale Battalion becomes the 11th (Service) Battalion, Border Regiment (Lonsdale).
  • From the War Office: I am commanded by the Army Council to inform you that it has been decided to number the battalions which have been raised locally by communities or individuals: 11th (Service) Bn. The Border Regiment (Lonsdale). [2]
  • Captain P. G. W. Diggle is appointed Adjutant.[3]
  • General Equipment Indent: 40 fencing muskets with spring bayonet.[4]


  • At Molliens-au-Bois, engaged in lectures, inspections and physical exercises. Weather is very wet.[5]



  • Battalion situated in the Westroosebeek area; activity is normal throughout the day on both sides. They are relieved at midnight by the 5/6th Royal Scots, 14th Infantry Brigade. Casualties for the whole action were:[7]
    • Killed: Capt. J. Benson; Capt. A. Sandeman; Capt. P.M. Martin; 2nd Lieut. Richardson; 2nd Lieut. McDuff.
    • Wounded: 2nd Lieut. J.M. Jamie.
    • Missing: Capt. McConnan; 2nd Lieut. Fell; 2nd Lieut. Hotchkiss, 2nd Lieut. Maltby; 2nd Lieut. Ridgeway.
  • Deaths: William Dalton (28928 Pte.)  •  William Dobson (4296 Pte.)  •  Joseph Hayward (33484 L/Cpl.)[8]

References / notes[edit]

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