18 December


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 18 December.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 18 December on The Great War wiki.

1914 (Friday)

  • 1259 men are inoculated against typhoid.[1]
  • Lonsdale's Alston route march: train to Haltwhistle then march to Alston, Nenthead, Garrigill, Alston for recruiting meeting. "The Battalion Ambulance with pair of horses, all presented by the Earl of Lonsdale, will accompany....carrying the necessary food, forage and blankets." [2]
  • Weekly denominational roll: Church of England 656, Roman Catholic 94, Wesleyan Methodists 38, Presbyterians 18, Baptists 3, Primitive Methodists 11, Congregationalists 6, Scotch Nationalists 3. (Total 829) [3]

1915 (Saturday)

  • Bouzincourt. Battalion relieves garrison companies.[a]
  • Lt-Col. Machell: "All will be more comfortable when our division takes over. C.O.’s are well enough off always apparently, having pretty good dug-outs and a chance of drying up, but I feel very bad about the men, and one can’t do enough for them." [4]

1916 (Monday)

  • Battalion situated at Puchevillers.
  • Battalion bombers parade under Bombing Officer. Remainder of Battalion prepare new training ground.

1917 (Tuesday)


  1. The right half Battalion relieves two companies of garrison in the F1 sub-sector; left half relieves two companies of garrison in the F2 sub-sector.


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