29 December

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 29 December.


  • Notes on bayonet fighting: can obtain a few sacks locally & get them filled with straw & suspend from a tree, goal post etc.[1]
  • Request from the Roman Catholic chaplain: As New Year’s Day is a Sunday would it be too much to ask you to allow the Catholic troops under your command to attend Divine Service on that day. [2]
  • Discharges: Privates J. Dixon (13490), B; Henry Morgan (15423), D; William Barnes (15363), B; recruits William Little, John green, William R. Harrison.[3]
  • The following privates are posted to E Company:[4]
  • John Mitchinson (17391)
  • A. Davidson (17392)
  • J.N. Richardson (17393)
  • H.C. Wortley (17394)
  • Alf Hunter (17395)
  • Lewis Bell (17396)
  • John Laybourne (17397)
  • J.W. Charters (17398)
  • Alf Sydney (17399)
  • P. Gilmore (17400)
  • J.W. McEwan (17401)
  • J.W. Shuttleworth (17402)
  • John Harriman (17403)
  • Angus Farraghor (17404)
  • J. Bailiff, (17405)
  • Robert Sisson (17406)
  • J.W. Litt (17407)
  • V.R. Marsh (17408)
  • John Newton (17409)
  • T.A. Atkinson (17410)
  • H. Dent (17411)


  • Battalion situated in the F1 sector near Bouzincourt. Special attention is paid to the repairing of trenches and construction of dug-outs.[5]


  • Battalion situated at Pusheviller involved in Brigade sniping and map reading courses. Training under Company arrangements.[6]
  • Lt-Col. Girdwood, DSO,[7] assumes command of Battalion.[6]


  • Battalion situated at 'Siege Camp.' 3 Companies on working parties[8] in forward area; remaining Company involved with improving and cleaning the camp.[9]

References / notes[edit]

Material from Timeline/Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 - May 1915) are sourced from the DLONS/L/13/13 Lowther Estate Archives. Entries from this timeline are reproduced here with kind permission of Jim Lowther and are not available under the license of this site. Please do not publish these extracts on other publicly visible media without prior permission from the copyright holder.

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