28 December


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 28 December.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 28 December on The Great War wiki.

1914 (Monday)

  • Letter from the Chief Constable of Carlisle: "A number of your men have been rendering most valuable assistance at a very large factory fire that has occurred in the City this afternoon. Some of them inform me that they will be late in getting into Camp, and that they are wet through to the skin, they will have to go to their homes and obtain dry underclothing before they can return to Camp. I am deeply indebted to them for their hard work, and hope you will overlook their not being in Camp at the proper time." [1]
  • Battalion order: "No soldier will ever be allowed to leave Camp unless properly dressed. Puttees will also be worn when walking out, and short canes carried. The latter can be obtained at the Y.M.C.A. Recreation Hut."
  • Three men are punished,[a] eight men are forfeited their pay,[b] and three men are posted to E Company.[c][2]

1915 (Tuesday)

  • Battalion is situated in the F1 sector near Bouzincourt, where special attention is paid to the repairing of trenches and construction of dug-outs.
  • One other rank is wounded.

1916 (Thursday)

  • Battalion situated at Puchevillers, parading under Commanding Officer for drill.
  • Company training and Battalion bombing and Lewis gun classes.

1917 (Friday)

  • Battalion situated at Siege Camp involved in training.


  1. Punishments: Privates. J. Harding (13906), J. Heslop (15558), J. Birkett (13910).
  2. Forfeiture of pay: Privates. J. Lowry (13650), A. Mattinson (13853), J. Branthwaite (13883), J. Barlow (15529), W. Goodfellow (13250), J. Bannon (15542), J. Chisholm (13368), and J. Shannon (13386).
  3. Strength on E Company: Privates L.W. Tweedie (17388), J.W. Cameron (17389), and Tom Harrison (17390).


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