15 November

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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For events that took place elsewhere in the Great War, see The Great War:15 November.

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 15 November.


  • Lt-Col. Machell to Lord Lonsdale: Lonsdales beat the great “Bighill United F.C.” Whitehaven by 5 goals to 1 yesterday, in the new shirts. 41 recruits, grand fellows, came in last night....1109 all ranks – I have also probably up to 70....and weed out undesirables as much as possible....I am assured by the men that we could raise another Battalion if we wanted to, but the men won’t hear of anything but the Lonsdales. After....Parade today I told them that we had raised the Battalion with their cooperation and it was their cooperation we relied upon to enable us to run it. It occurs to me that you might like to let the W.O.[1] know that obviously the way to get recruits is to send the men home on weekend pass and tell their friends the facts....The 4 London sergeants are grand they teach their men as much and more in an hour as others do in a week. Heavy snow today. [2]


  • Battalion situated at Black Horse Bridge; orders received to dump packs etc., then paraded in Battle order.[3]
  • At 2pm the Lonsdales march to Englebelmer; arrives 5pm.[3]


  • Battalion situated at 'Road Camp' involved in training. The Divisional Commander inspects camp.[4]

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