22 November


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 22 November.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 22 November on The Great War wiki.

1914 (Sunday)

  • First Battle of Ypres ends.
  • The parish of Nether Denton offers 4 belts, mufflers and 11 helmets.[1]
  • Letter: "Yesterday....closed the Recruiting Office, which has sent men to join the Lonsdale Battalion....The strength of the Battalion today is 1153 officers, non-commissioned officers and men." [2]

1915 (Monday)

  • Transport and passage with 2 officers and 101 other ranks proceeds under Major P. G. W. Diggle to Havre.
  • Lt-Col. Machell: "Take it for what it may be worth, but I believe the first & most important desideratum in our drafts is smartness and discipline....have just received some miserable drafts, utterly different from the fine body of men who came to us in our last draft, and wholly untrained in Musketry....Besides the 2 Machine Guns, there is a quantity of sand-bags of sorts, various articles in the Dining-Hall & cook-house equipment, and a number of books and pamphlets....we are sending all the games things we have...." [3]

1916 (Wednesday)

  • Battalion is situated in billets at Mailly-Maillet. The previous day's rescue party under Captain Hunter returns at 4.30am. Two other men from cut-off party manage to get through and report that Captain Welch and his forward party are still holding out in a portion of 'Frankfort Trench.'
  • Another rescue party is formed, composed of Lonsdale and Highland Light Infantry men. The party moves to trenches near 'Wagon Road' to hold itself in readiness before assistance in case Captain Welch and his men try to break through.
  • George Albert Haines (27756 Pte.) dies of wounds, aged 29 years.

1917 (Thursday)

  • Battalion leaves 'Road Camp' at 2.10pm and marches to Poperinghe where it entrains at 3.55pm for Irish farm. The Lonsdales reach Hill Top Farm at 6pm.
  • Edward Danson (3848 Pte.), of C Company, dies in the UK.[a]


  1. Without further information from personal records it is impossible to say what he died of; however, it could have been a result one of many illnesses such as dysentery, colitis, pneumonia or malaria etc., or possibly an accidental death.


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