29 November

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 29 November.
For events that took place elsewhere, see our sister project The Great War On This Day

1914 (Sunday)

  • Lt-Col. Machell to Lord Lonsdale: "yesterday the Lonsdales beat the 'Carlisle United' F.C. by 2 goals to 0 – a fine match, far the best yet. The weather is awful & there is a lot of mild sort of influenza – in fact it is just a matter of 'how bad' everyone is, but it will do us all good. I have got all up from the Stables now except those who actually mess in the Pavilion, & hope to get the Kendal Company in the new huts by Xmas. There has been a muddle about the greatcoats which are now urgently required – the Committee appear not to have made a proper contract, so has been at the mercy of the contractor....Your belts are a godsend, & the rugs." [1]

1915 (Monday)

  • Battalion is situated in billets at Villers-Bocage and trains in close order drill.

1916 (Wednesday)

  • Battalion is located at Berteaucourt involved in General parades of instruction & training.
  • L/Sgt. J.W. Oglethorpe writes to his parents from a home hospital: "I got wounded on the 18th in an advance we made. I got shot through the left arm, and have lost the use of it, and I have trench feet and cannot walk; but the worst of it all is that I got hit on Saturday night and was in a shell hole until Wednesday. I was 4 days and 3 nights without food and water. I only had half a bottle of water, so you will know what I suffered. I got to England on the 25th, and am going on all right now." [2]

1917 (Thursday)



  1. Record No. DLONS/L/13/13/279
  2. Newspaper article Wounded - L/Cpl. R. Potts & Sgt. J.W. Oglethorpe was published in the Workington Star and Harrington Guardian.
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