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Dear Sir,

I would be obliged if you could find space in your next issue of your paper for the programme of the march of a detachment of the Lonsdale Battalion, which has been arranged as follows: - Second Lieutenant W.A. Hobson, in command; one sergeant, two corporals and forty privates (all from the West Cumberland district).

Parading at Blackhall Camp at 1 p.m. on 7th instant, they will march to Cummersdale station, where they will take the train at 1-35 p.m., and proceed to Maryport, where they are due to arrive at 2-40 p.m. At the station, arrangements have been made for the detachment to be met by a band and to march through the town.

At about 3-20 p.m. the detachment will leave Maryport and march to Workington, where they should arrive about 5-15 p.m.

Mr. R.H. Hodgson, who is one of the principle organisers responsible for the formation of this Battalion, has kindly arranged to provide tea and make all arrangements at Workington.

After tea, the men will be dismissed to their homes until Monday, the 9th inst.

On Monday, 9th inst., the detachment will fall in at 8-15 a.m. and will march to Cockermouth. Arriving in Cockermouth at 10-30 a.m. they will be met by a band, and will march through the town. At 12.15 a dinner is being provided by arrangements kindly made by Mr. Tyson, the High Sheriff of Cumberland.

After dinner, the men will fall out until 4-10 p.m., when they will parade for tea, under arrangements also kindly made by the High Sheriff.

The detachment will then march to Cockermouth station, and will entrain at 5-47 for the return journey to Cummersdale station, where they will march home to barracks.

Yours faithfully,

Lieut. Colonel
Commanding Lonsdale Battalion
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 6 November, 1914.