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Lonsdale Battalion - New Company to be Formed

Workington Star and Harrington Guardian / Published 6 November, 1914.

The War Office, having authorised the formation of a 5th Depot Company, with a strength of 250 men and an establishment of Officers and N.C. Officers similar to that of the Service Battalions, with a 6th Depot Company later, arrangements have been pushed forward for the accommodation of the men in billets in the immediate vicinity of Blackhall Camp, where the new Companies will be trained.

On Saturday the Lonsdale Recruiting Office re-opened at 7 Devonshire Street, Carlisle, under the supervision of Mr. Plender, who rendered such valuable service in connection with raising the Battalion, and the Recruiting Officers at the principle centres have been requested to give notice that it is once more possible for men of good physique and high character to offer themselves for enlistment in the Lonsdales.

The ranks so rapidly filled at the time of the hirings that bitter disappointment was caused to hundreds of splendid fellows who came forward to do their duty and soldier with their Pals in the local Battalion. Now they have their chance and should join the Service Battalion at once, because it is still over establishment, but the function of the Depot Companies, in which men will be enlisted for war service only, and for the duration of the war, will be to provide a steady supply of Lonsdale men for the Lonsdale Battalion at the front.

Short as has been the history of the Battalion up to date, a good tradition has already been established and its feet stand firm upon a solid foundation of right feeling and good will. The Lonsdale Battalion is young and it has much to learn in a short space of time, but all are keen, and if only the weather will remain favourable, they will soon be fit for duty.

“C” Company is coming from Kendal immediately after Christmas, and they will receive a rousing welcome from their comrades. “C” Company consists entirely of Westmorland men, “A” and “B” of men from Carlisle and North Cumberland, while “D”, originally recruited at Workington, is composed of officers and men from the West. All classes of men are soldiering side by side in the Lonsdales, but all come from Cumberland and Westmorland, and the clannish spirit which has been so noticeable already will become intensified when the Battalion goes abroad.

A month ago, when recruiting was stopped, and so much disappointment was caused, a number of men said, “Lonsdales or nowt,” and went home. Now is their chance! There is room for 250 today and then 250 more. The Officer Commanding does not believe in holding more meetings. He believes in the men. He has told the Battalion there are vacancies for 250 recruits, and he says the men will simply tell their friends. He says “Look at the football”! Our fellows have never been beaten! They have successfully beaten the Carlisle Police, the Border Depot, Biggrigg, Carlisle United and our Rugby Union team have beaten Silloth. They have arranged and won these games entirely on their own and the best recruiting only began when we put it up to the men to get recruits themselves.

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