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More Recruits for Lonsdale Battalion

Workington Star and Harrington Guardian / Published 23 October, 1914.

Following are additional recruits to the Lonsdale Battalion bringing the number to 80.

John Turnbull, 26 Berwick Street;
James Simpson, 26 Berwick Street;
John Edward Allinson, 42 Ramsey Brow;
Robert Leybourne, 146 Senhouse Street;
John William Gibbons, 12 Grasslot (Maryport);
John William Dunstan, 14 Christian Street;
James McAdam, 132 Corporation Road, Harold Petitt Schoose Cottages;
Thomas Campbell, 1 St. Michaels Road;
Osborne Morgan Lewis Glenfield House, Barepot (son of Councillor Lewis);
Albert Edwin Marlow, 17 Gordon Street;
Isaac Henry McKuire, 19a Derwent Crossings;
Isaac Armitage, 14 Beach Street;
Joseph Sidney McVey, 19 Cammells Terrace;
William Thompson, formerly of Workington (a well known cricketer);
Isaac Kennedy, 6 Irving Street (also a cricketer);
Roy Walker, 2 Washington Street, a prominent footballer and son of Mr, Dugald Walker;
John Jackson Bell, 12 Hartington Street;
Alan Pearson Lumsden, 49 Vulcans Lane.
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