Had Severe Blows - Lonsdales Resting

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Lonsdales Resting

Signaller T. Sharpe (1599), writing on June 13th says:

Dear Sir,

Just a line in your most valuable paper which I receive now and again. I am an old Workington lad, and have been out here fourteen months. I happened to come across a Lonsdale Company, which was the Workington Company, and I saw Dick Seymour and Jack Stewart, both my old school chums.

The Lonsdales had to pick a raiding party, which they did, and I think they came off successfully. All the Regiments nearby them gave them credit for their splendid work. Twelve months since I happened to see the 5th Borders near the line and they are also doing great workout here. Our Regiment has had a severe blow at three places. The Lonsdales are now on rest, and are expecting to return to trenches shortly.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 30 June 1916.
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