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An Unlucky Company

Workington Star and Harrington Guardian / Published 13 February, 1916

Drummer F. Bateman, D. Coy. (Workington) 11th Borders, writing on 27 January says:-

Dear Sir,

Just a few lines to let you know I received your welcome parcel of Old Toms. We are in the trenches for seven days, and I received it the third day in. It is a treat to see how the boys like to smoke a cig sent from the old town. We have another seven days to do yet, and then we go for a three week's rest. Of course, we do seven days in reserve before we come in again. We are working very hard now to keep the trenches a little decent. They were in an awful state when first we took them over. Some places are knee deep in mud, and others are quite dry. Our company has been the unluckiest. We have had seven casualties. That makes sixteen in the Regiment.

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