Notes of the Week (Editorial about Raising the Lonsdales)

Workington Star and Harrington Guardian / Published 2 October, 1914.

The movement to form a Lonsdale Battalion is going well, and there is the prospect of raising the number of men required – I believe 1,100. In this district, which is one of the three centres – Carlisle and Kendal being the other two – the movement is in good hands, with the Mayor (Alderman Highton) Mr. R.H. Hodgson, Alderman Hall and Mr. J. McKay taking the lead, and a lot of real hard work being put in, with fairly satisfactory all-round results.

There is no doubt about it being a good movement. Thousands of men who have openly denounced the war and armaments are now asking for recruits for the war. And amongst them are clever thinkers, who acknowledge that, while personally opposed to war, the present crisis was inevitable; we are in it, and must "see it through." Had we held aloof what would have happened? Our turn would have come – and we would have been without a friend. As Alderman Hall says, we have a stiff proposition to face; we must face it, and face it with determination to come out top. And one of the ways is by joining the Lonsdale Battalion. We can all do something. We must all do something.

I heard a well known and respected Labour man say the other day – and he is one I have heard denouncing war many a time – "we must all do more than do something, we must make a sacrifice." And he was cheered to the echo. With that spirit all over the Lonsdale Battalion will be made up; Kitchener’s millions will be forthcoming; the country will be safe; and there will be an end to the German Empire.

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