Lonsdale Battalion - More Workington Recruits

Workington Star and Harrington Guardian / Published 30 October, 1914.

The Workington contingent of the Lonsdale Battalion now numbers 113 and it is expected that a large detachment will leave or Carlisle on Monday by the 1-40 train.
The following have been enrolled since last Friday:-

Henry Harrison, Lodge Cottage (Flimby);
Pearson Wallace, 5 Co-operative Terrace (Flimby);
John Crosthwaite Gibson, 167 Solway View Westfield;
Wilson Bates, 277 ? Street;
Norman Turdham, 1a Lonsdale Street;
Harry Go’lings, 221 Moss Bay Road;
Joseph Pattinson, 218 Moss Bay Road;
Frederick Davidson, 128 Moss Bay Road;
Albert Carter, 151 John Street;
Daniel Beattie Williams, 319 Moss Bay Road;
James Birkett Cuthell, 17 Lonsdale Street;
Thomas Forester Harrison, 47 John Street;
Henry Morgan, 26 Queen Street;
Joseph Mewhorter, 5 Princess Street;
Edward Gill, 5 Ladypit Cottages (Whitehaven);
George Gill, 3 Chapel Court, Chapel Street (Whitehaven);
Thomas Edwin Dawson, South Quay (Maryport);
Ernest White, 13 James Street;
Stanley Bacon, 180 Harrington Road;
Oscar Bell, Richmond Hill;
William White, 34 ? Street;
Richard Pickering Seymour junr., 50 Queen Street;
Thomas Robert Lamont, 11 Brow Top;
Roger Casson, 13 James Street;
Evan Davies, 155 Harrington Road;
Michael Kelly, 55 Blackburn Street;
Peter Kane, 224 Derwent Row, Moss Bay;
Herbert Humphreys, 46 Cumberland Street;
Harry Blake, 404 Moss Bay Road;
John Joseph Lightfoot, 12 Henry Street (Harrington);
William Hodgson, 45 Harrington Road;
Joseph Hayhoe, 21 Mountain View (Harrington).
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