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It's Been an Awful Time

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
“Workington Has Suffered Heavily”

A Sergeant writing to Mrs. McKegg, John Street, respecting her son, in a letter received on July 11th says: -

I am sorry to have to inform you that Robert was wounded in the big advance on July 1st, but you can rest content, as he is not serious, and is very likely to be home soon. I, as Sergeant of his Platoon, received the parcel you sent, and I saw it divided out in the Platoon – or what was left of it. We have had a terrible smashing up; all our officers either killed or wounded. It’s been an awful time, and Workington has suffered heavily. We were one of the first Battalions to go forward, and we were mown down like grass. I don’t think it will last much longer as the German loses must be terrible, and the sooner it is over the better for everyone. I hope I may never have an experience like it again. Don’t put yourselves out about Bob, as he has got what we call a nice "Blighty."

A Sad Surprise

Mr. and Mrs. McKegg, after the above, received a sad shock on July 13th, when they received the following letter from Rev. A.J.W. Crosse, Chaplain:-

It grieves me sorely to have to write and tell you that your dear boy was killed in action during the great attack last week. I wish I could give you some particulars, but all I know is he did his duty bravely, and you my well be proud of him. He was reverently buried near the trenches, and I can promise you his grave will be lovingly cared for. May God help you in your sorrow.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 21 July 1916.
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