11 July


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 11 July.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 11 July on The Great War wiki.

1916 (Tuesday)

  • Remains in line at F1 sub-sector.
  • A Sergeant writes to Mrs. McKegg respecting her son:
    I am sorry to have to inform you that Robert was wounded in the big advance on July 1st, but you can rest content, as he is not serious, and is very likely to be home soon. I, as Sergeant of his platoon, received the parcel you sent, and I saw it divided out in the Platoon – or what was left of it. We have had a terrible smashing up; all our officers either killed or wounded. It’s been an awful time, and Workington has suffered heavily. We were one of the first Battalions to go forward, and we were mown down like grass. I don’t think it will last much longer as the German loses must be terrible, and the sooner it is over the better for everyone. I hope I may never have an experience like it again. Don’t put yourselves out about Bob, as he has got what we call a nice Blighty'. [1]

1917 (Wednesday)

  • Battalion in line S.W. of Lombardzyde.
  • At 12:15am a message is sent from Capt. Greenhill, Officer Commanding No.1 Company:
    The position at the Huitriere is that the defences have been blown in. My Platoons are in Nose Lane and in touch with the Spur. Casualties 4.
  • 12:25am: Message is sent to Officer Commanding C Company, Highland Light Infantry:
    You are to report at once with your Company to Capt. Stevens in 4th line. 2nd Lieut. Cook-Gray bearer of this will guide you to his HQ. You will act under his orders.
  • 12:30am: Message is sent from Battalion HQ to Sig MGC:
    Your guns will proceed to Presquite to cover the left flank of the 11th Borders. Your Guns will report to Officer Commanding 11th Borders to cover his left flank. 11th Borders HQ are at the Powder Magazine. Addressed Sig. Machine Gun Company repeated Div. MGO, 11th Borders.
  • 12:45am: Message is received by Officer Commanding C Company, 2nd KOYLI:
    C Coy 2nd KOYLI will move from 11th Borders HQ to 4th line, where it will report to Capt Stevens commanding B Coy 17th HLI. His HQ are in 4th line between Nose Alley and Nose Lane. They will act under his orders.
  • 12:45am: Message is sent from Battalion HQ:
    As soon as the 11th Borders have re-established a line, they will be relieved by the 16th Northumberland Fusiliers. Colonel Scully will proceed to HQ 11th Borders and arrange all details of relief direct with them. Relief to be completed before daylight. The Nieuport Defences at present held by the 16th Northumberland Fusiliers will be taken over by the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers – all details to be arranged between Commanding Officers Concerned. The 15th Lancashire Fusiliers will take over the same dispositions as the 16th Northumberland Fusiliers.
  • Deaths:

1918 (Thursday)

  • Training continues with 1st Battalion 130th Infantry Regiment (USA) at Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher.[a]


  1. The Lonsdales were in their final month before being disbanded. Where training is concerned, this was done alongside the American infantry. It was during this period that they moved to several different locations in the eventual run up to the disbandment papers being approved. On 29 July, 1918, the war diary states: "orders received for WO's, NCO's and men of the cadres to proceed to join the 1/5th Border Regiment (A.G. letter C.R. 5/9054/30 G.) and for battalion to be disbanded from date of departure." The Lonsdale are disbanded two days later on 31 July.


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