10 July

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 10 July.


  • Battalion remains in line at the F1 sub-sector.[1]


  • Battalion situated in line S.W. of Lombardzyde. A heavy bombardment of our sector commences about 6am. The 1st and 2nd lines are heavily "strafed" with "minnenwerfer". [2]
  • The following message is sent to the 97th Infantry Brigade at 7:40am:
"Casualties last night 3 wounded this morning 1 killed. Communication broken with both Coys in front line when bombardment ceases will send further information. Ends." [2]
  • At 8am the following message was received from OC 'C' Company (Coy holding 1st and 2nd lines right half of Battn Front i.e. Nose Trench and Nose Support):
"I have been endeavouring to get a message through from here since 6:05am. The wires are all down & signallers are using the lamp but no reply from our Artillery yet. We have been continually "strafed" since before 6am this morning with "Heavies" etc. Please put Punishment Scheme X into operation at once." [2]
  • 2nd Lieut. Cook-Gray is sent by the CO at 8:30am to make his way to the front line Coys (C and D) in order to determine the exact state of affairs & the condition of the line. The shelling at this time is gradually getting heavier.[2]
  • At 10am the following message is received from 2nd Lieut. Cook-Gray:
"I have reached and examined the second line. On the right the trench is somewhat bashed about, but is not in really bad condition. There has been a continuous bombardment particularly with heavy TMB’s since 6am this morning. 5 casualties are reported at present. Our 18lb shells are dropping short, I don’t think there is any doubt of that fact this time. 18 lbdrs have just smashed in a MGC[3] dug-out in our second line." [2]
  • The bombardment increases in intensity about 10am All communication with Brigade and OPs is broken.
  • The following message is sent to "SOME" by pigeons (2) at 10:40am: "Some 18 lbdrs falling short in No.2 Battalion Sector."
  • Message received from Brigade begins:
"Report by runner situation whether first and support lines are intact and whether supporting companies are alright. Also state of PUTNEY and VAUXHALL bridges. 11.24am Ends." [2]


  • Battalion training continues with 1st Battalion 130th Infantry Regiment (USA) at Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher.[4]

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