John Adamson (28633)

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a soldier of the border regiment
remembered with honour

Lonsdale Battalion Roll of Honour
Full Name John Adamson
Rank (highest) Private
Service Number 28633
Battalion 11th Battalion (Lonsdale)
Regiment Border Regiment
Enlisted / Commissioned Stanley, County Durham
Former Unit T/4/23615 Royal Army Service Corps
Born Chester-le-Street, County Durham
Nationality English
Spouse(s) Emma Adamson / 3 Waverley Terrace, Dipton, County Durham
Parents Christopher and Matilda Adamson / Bensham, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Residence(s) Dipton, County Durham
Casualty Type Commonwealth War Dead
Died 10 July 1917
Age 31
Cause of Death Killed in action
Burial Type Grave
Reference Number I.K.54.
Resting Place Coxyde Military Cemetery
Commemorated in perpetuity by the
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Coordinates Latitude: 51.10507 / Longitude: 2.64207
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