Lonsdale Battalion Doing Well

Workington Star and Harrington Guardian / Published 14 November, 1914.



Over a 100 names have been enrolled at Workington this week. Three squads have left for Carlisle, being played to the station by The Catholic Boys Brigade Bugle Band. In each case the recruits had arousing send off at the station. Another squad will leave on Monday.


A detachment of the Lonsdale Battalion looking very smart in their new uniform, and all looking quite fit, arrived here on Saturday evening having marched from Maryport. They were met by the Cockermouth Industrial School Band and the Boy Scouts and were welcomed by large crowds of people who lined the streets. At the Drill Hall they were entertained to tea by Mr. H.H. Hodgson, chairman of the Workington Committee, who regretted that important business out of town prevented him from being present. The Mayor (Ald. R.E. Highton) was also out of town on important business, and was prevented from joining the welcome. After enjoying a rattling good tea, the detachment, accompanied by local members of the committee, marched to Hag Hill, where rousing speeches were delivered by Ald. Hall (who presided), Corporal Peden, Private R. Walker, Private Simpson, Mr. Terfient (of Rochdale) and Mr. J. McKay. The men were dismissed for the week end and on Monday morning they marched to Cockermouth. The visit of the detachment attracted a large number of recruits, and proved very successful from every point of view.

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