Lonsdale Battalion - Further list of Recruits

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Further List Of Recruits

Conrad Leslie Hill, 146 Corporation Road;
Isaac Gunnion, William Street (Harrington);
Allan Casson, 39 James Street;
Alfred Dempston, 273 Moss Bay Road;
Ralph Smith Miller, 13 Roper Street;
Joseph Waite, 15 Cocker Lane (Cockermouth);
Robert Faulder Thirwell, 2 Stanley Square (Harrington);
Thos. Whitehead, Milburn Terrace (Seaton);
Frederick John Dixon, 13 Guard Street;
John Moore, 70 Peter Street;
John Russel, 37 Cranbourne Street;
Joseph W. Oglethorpe, 221 Vulcans Lane;
Thomas Crellin, Udale Street;
Henry Crellin, 30 Udale Street;
James R. Morton, 31 East Road (Manchester);
Irving Stanley Smith, 8 Jane Street;
George Rutherford, 1 Wilson Street;
Joseph Howsen, 211 Harrington Road;
John Thomas Davies, 241 Harrington Road;
Algernon P. Huddart, Vulcans Lane;
Robert Newton, 225 Harrington Road;
Alexander T. McCullock, Lime Road (Harrington);
James Moore, Rose Hill (Harrington);
Martin Mitchinson, 28 Northcote Street.

This brings the number enlisted at Workington up to 138.