Disposal of Border Regiment Battalions Post Armistice

The following briefly explains what happened to the Border Regiment battalions after the armistice.[1]

  • 1st Battalion: Moved on 4th December, 1918, into Germany and was stationed at Hilgen till 27th March, 1919, having gradually been reduced to Cadre strength. It then proceeded to Mulheim and on the 30th March the Cadre left for Dunkirk, sailed from there on the 3rd April in the Antrim for Dover, going thence by train to Brookwood and by march route to Dettingen Barracks, Blackdown. The Battalion remained here until it embarked for India later in the year.
  • 2nd Battalion: Was quartered at or near Lonigo until the end of February, 1919, and on the 17th March, having been reduced to Cadre strength, it entrained at Tavernelle for Havre en route to England. It arrived at Carlisle on the 24th March and was accorded a civic welcome, being entertained by the Mayor and Corporation. In July, 1919, the Battalion moved to Claremorris, County Mayo, where the personnel of the 3rd Battalion, less permanent Staff, was absorbed into it.
  • 3rd Battalion: On the declaration of the Armistice the Battalion was quartered at Crosby. In March, 1919, it moved to Blackdown and in the following May to Claremorris, where it was absorbed into the 2nd Battalion, the permanent Staff being sent to Carlisle to complete the establishment of the Regimental Depot.
  • 1st/4th Battalion: Was mobilized for the Third Afghan War in May, 1919, but was not employed. It remained in India until December, 1919, when it returned to England.
  • 2nd/4th Battalion: Remained in India until the end of 1919, having served in the Third Afghan War of that year. Left Peshawar on the 11th Novemeber and embarked in H.M.T. Friedrichsruh on 15th. Disembarked at Plymouth on the 9th December and proceeded thence to various dispersal stations. The Cadre was sent first to Kendal and then to Carlisle, being finally dispersed on the 31st January, 1920.
  • 5th Battalion: Remained in Flanders till the 31st January, 1919, when it marched into Germany, being quartered in Cologne and neighbourhood till the end of March, when it moved to Bonn. Left Bonn on the 6th November by train via Cologne for Calais; arrived here on the 9th December, embarking next day for Dover and proceeded thence by train via London to Kendal, which was reached on the 11th. The Battalion finally arrived back in Workington on the 14th December, 1919.
  • 6th Battalion: Was disbanded at Malingarbe on the 9th February, 1917, the officers and other ranks being absorbed into the 1st, 7th, 8th and 11th Battalions of the Border Regiment.
  • 7th Battalion: Remained for some days at Troisvilles after the proclamation of the Armistice, and then moved to Liercourt in the Amiens area on the 14th December and was there gradually reduced to Cadre strength. The Cadre left Liercourt on the 16th April, 1919, and entrained at Longpré for Havre, which was reached on the 17th. Havre was left on the evening of the 19th, the Cadre arriving at Southampton early on the 20th and leaving again late the same night for Catterick, where it was eventually disbanded.
  • 8th Battalion: Was disbanded at Embry in July, 1918, on the 25th Division being broken up and sent home.
  • 9th Battalion: Moved on the 20th October, 1918, to Stavros, on the 28th to Dedeagatch and back to Stavros on the 13th November and following days. On the 16th January, 1919, the Battalion proceeded to Kukus and on the 7th March to Janes. On the 16th, greatly reduced in strength, it embarked in H.M.T. Katonia for Constantinople, where it remained until the 10th November, when all remaining officers and other ranks were posted as a draft to the 9th Battalion The King's Own Regiment.
  • 11th Battalion: Was amalgamated with the 5th Battalion on the 10th May, 1918, and finally disbanded on the 31st July.

References / notes

  1. Colonel H.C. Wylly, C.B. (1925). The Border Regiment in the Great War. Gale & Polden Ltd. ISBN 1847342728. p.p.256.
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