Obituary - L/Cpl. John Bardgett

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Lance-Corpl. Bardgett, Appleby.

Above we give the picture of Lance-Corpl. John Bardgett, of 11 Chapel Street, Appleby, who was reported missing some months ago, and whose death is now confirmed. Lance-Corporal Bardgett, who was in the Border Regiment, was a workman in the employ of the Appleby Corporation.

The Rev. A.J.W. Crosse, chaplain, has written Mrs Bardgett:

"I think it will be some consolation to you to know that among the bodies lately found on the battlefield and buried was that of your dear lad. A troop of cavalry attended the burial in the cemetery where most of the men in the same regiment rest. A wooden cross bears his name at the head of the grave. I send you his disc with my deepest sympathy. He died a brave death for his country, and lies near the spot where he so gloriously fell."
Cumberland and Westmorland Herald, Published sometime in 1917.
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