Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment

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Soldiers Died in the Great War
The Border Regiment
Author Anon
Publisher J.B. Hayward & Son
Polstead, Suffolk
Year 1989
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 75
Dimensions 19 x 27.5 x 1cm
ISBN ISBN 1871505399
ISBN 9781871505399

On behalf of and by authority of the War Office, His Majesty's Stationary Office published in 1921 two lists of those who died during the Great War. One volume gave the basic details of almost 42,000 officer casualties. Another eighty volumes were needed to list all the 'other ranks' who gave their lives during the Great War, a war that claimed a daily average of over 450 British Army fatalities.

Each of the original volumes represented one or more regiments, or other units of the British Army. Most were subdivided into battalions or similar groupings. There were often thirty or more of these per volume, each in alphabetical order. In part 39, The Border Regiment, the Lonsdales (11th Battalion) are represented on pages 66-75.

From the preface[edit | edit source]

"These rolls have been compiled from information furnished to Officers-in-Charge of Records through the Official Casualty Lists. They are published to enable information, which has from time to time been circulated during the war, to be available in volume form. Attention is invited to the explanations of abbreviations which are printed at the commencement of each part." – The War Office, 1921.

Key of abbreviations[edit | edit source]

d. of w.
k. in a.
F & F


died of wounds
killed in action
France & Flanders
(inc. Italy)