Turkish Units in action at Gully Ravine, 1915

I Army Corps[1]
3rd Division[2]
31/Infantry Regiment
32/Infantry Regiment
39/Infantry Regiment
II Army Corps[3]
4th Division[4]
10/Infantry Regiment
11/Infantry Regiment
12/Infantry Regiment
4/Field Artillerly
Regiment (7 Batteries)
4/Pontoon Section
5th Division[5]
13/Infantry regiment
14/Infantry Regiment
15/Infantry Regiment
5/Field Artillery
Regiment (6 Batteries)
5/Pontoon Section
6th Division[6]
16/Infantry Regiment
17/Infantry Regiment
18/Infantry Regiment
6/Field Artillery
Regiment (6 Batteries)
6/Pontoon Section
III Army Corps[7]
9th Division[8]
25/Infantry Regiment
26/Infantry Regiment
27/Infantry Regiment
9/Field Artilley
Regiment (6 Batteries)
9/Pontoon Section
IV Army Corps[9]
11th Division[10]
33/Infantry Regiment
126/Infantry Regiment
127/Infantry Regiment
11/Filed Artillery
Regiment (6 Batteries)
11/Pontoon Section
12th Division[11]
34/Infantry Regiment
35/Infantry Regiment
36/Infantry Regiment
12/Field Artillery Regiment
(4 Batteries)


  • Stephen Chambers, Gallipoli: Gully Ravine, Battleground Europe, 2003, p.189. ISBN 0 85052 923 9
  1. Officer Commanding: Mehmed Ali Pasha
  2. Officer Commanding: Halid Bey
  3. Officer Commanding: Faik Pasha
  4. Officer Commanding: Jelal Bey
  5. Officer Commanding: Fuad Zia Bey
  6. Officer Commanding: Suleiman Shakir Bey
  7. Officer Commanding: Essad Pasha
  8. Officer Commanding: Khalil Sami Bey
  9. Officer Commanding: Pertev Pasha
  10. Officer Commanding: Rifaat Bey
  11. Officer Commanding:Salaheddin Bey
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