Workington Lonsdale's Wounds

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Shot Through Arm And Leg

Mrs. McKenzie, wife of Private J. McKenzie, of the 11th Border, who was wounded at the time Private McQuire, of Westfield, was killed, has received the following letter from the Rev. Basil Aston, a C.E. Chaplain:

Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

Your husband is, I am thankful to say, a little better today, and not quite as bad as we feared, though quite bad enough. His right arm is badly smashed at the wrist, and an operation was performed this morning. I fear he can never have the full use of his right arm again; but I hope now the arm can be saved. He has a bad wound on the leg, also. On the whole, considering his injuries, he has had a good day, and has felt relieved since the operation. He sends his best love to you and the children. I will write again. With all sympathy, yours very sincerely.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 2 February, 1916.
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