2/4th Battalion War Diary, April 1917

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    2/4th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/????    
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Transcribed from the War Diary of the 2/4th Border Regiment (1914-1919) and not the original war diary. This book was published by Carlisle book company Chas. Thurnam and Sons in 1920.
Entries from this source have been heavily abridged from their original form. This version of the war diary should be seen as a brief summary of events rather than a comprehensive account of the battalion's actions.
Place Date Hour Summary of Events
Detachment, supported by armoured car, demolished the sangars 1,700 yards in front of No. 11 Blockhouse.
Five Afghans taken prisoners in front of No. 10 Blockhouse stated that they had come from Dakka and were proceeding to Peshawar to draw their allowance as pensioners of the Indian Army. Sent to Shab Kadr under escort.
His Excellency the Viceroy, Baron Chelmsford, visited the Mohmand Blockade Line and inspected No. 12 Blockhouse. The Battalion picketed the Abazai Road near Matta, and the three hills to the north of No. 12 Blockhouse. Mohmands sniped the picket on Hill 1461 from 14.00 hours to 17.30 hours, when the pickets were withdrawn, the enemy following up the retirement until dispersed by the fire from No. 8 Mountain Battery.
Took over Nos. 1, 2, and 3 Blockhouses from the Frontier Constabulary.
Took over Munda Kala Post (1 officer and 25 other ranks) from the 35th Sikhs.
Relieved at Munda Kala by the 35th Sikhs.
Four or five Pathans entered the Bhoosa Agent's tent sixty yards outside the Sadar Garhi Camp. Sentry fired on the raiders, and the raiders dispersed, The Bhoosa Agent was brought into the camp seriously wounded and died shortly afterwards.
Relieved by the 106th Hazara Pioneers, who took over Nos. 1 to 1C Blockhouses (inclusive) from the Battalion.
Left Sadar Ghari and marched to Nagamou. Bivouacked for the night.

References / notes[edit]

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/????
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.