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2/4th Battalion War Diary, March 1916

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
    2/4th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/????    
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Transcribed from the War Diary of the 2/4th Border Regiment (1914-1919) and not the original war diary. This book was published by Carlisle book company Chas. Thurnam and Sons in 1920.
Entries from this source have been heavily abridged from their original form. This version of the war diary should be seen as a brief summary of events rather than a comprehensive account of the battalion's actions.
Place Date Hour Summary of Events
7th and 8th
Inspection of half Battalion by Brigadier-General C. G. Prendergast, C.B., G.O.C. Jubbulpore Infantry Brigade, a company attack, supported by the Machine Gun Section, being carried out at Sooradavee on the second day.
Headquarters, “A,” and “C” Companies left Kamptee for Peshawar, North-west Frontier Province, having been relieved by the 1st Garrison Battalion Scottish Rifles. Whilst at Kamptee the Battalion found the garrison (strength 2 officers and 92 other ranks) for Fort Sitabuldi, Nagpur. This Detachment, in addition to the ordinary duties, were instructed in the artillery and machine guns which formed part of the armament of the Fort. An attached section was formed for the Depot of the 1/5th Buffs, to which many of that battalion returned from Mesopotamia sick and wounded after the unsuccessful attempts to relieve the troops under General Townshend, besieged in Kut. The Detachment at Allahabad found the Detachment for the Allahabad Fort. The companies proceeded to Shankargarh for company training and field firing. The Detachment was inspected by both the G.O.C. Allahabad Brigade (Brigadier-General Johnston) and the G.O.C. the 8th (Lucknow) Division (Major-General May).
“B” and “D” Companies left Allahabad for Peshawar, having been relieved by the 1st Garrison Battalion The Manchester Regiment.
“B” and “D” Companies arrived at Peshawar. The whole battalion was accommodated in mobilisation tents (opposite the 72nd Punjabi lines), where it remained until 6th May. It was attached to the 1st (Peshawar) Infantry Brigade, under Brigadier-General L. C. Dunsterville, C.B., A.D.C.
The Battalion was inspected by the G.O.C. 1st (Peshawar) Infantry Brigade.

References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/????
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
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