29th Division Order of Battle for Gully Ravine, 28th June 1915

Commander-in-Chief: General Sir Ian Hamilton GCB
CGS: Major-General W.P. Braithwaite CB
VIII Corps: Major-General A.G. Hunter-Weston CB
29th Division GOC: Major-General Beauvoir de Lisle
29th Division
86th Brigade
2/Royal Fusiliers
1/Lancashire Fusiliers
1/Royal Munster Fusiliers
1/Royal Dublin Dusiliers
87th Brigade[1]
2/South Wales Borderers
1/King's Own Scottish Borderers
1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
1/Border Regiment
88th Brigade[2]
4/Worcestershire Regiment
2/Hampshire Regiment
1/Essex Regiment
5/Royal Scots (Queen's Edinburgh Rifles - TF)
156th Brigade[3]
4/Royal Scots (Queen's Edinburgh Rifles)
7/Royal Scots (Leith Rifles)
7/Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
8/Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
29th Indian Brigade[4]
6/Gurkha Rifles
14/Sikhs (King George's Own Ferozepore)
5/Gurkha Rifles
10/Gurkha Rifles
15 Brigade RHA[6] (B, L, Y Batteries)
17 Brigade RFA[7] (13, 26, 92 Batteries)
147 Brigade RFA (10, 97, 368 Batteries)
1 (N.S.W.) Australian FA Brigade (1, 2, 3 Batteries)
Composite Artillery Brigade[8]
4 (Highland) Mountain Battery RGA[9] (TF)
14 (Siege) Battery RGA
90 (Heavy) Battery RGA
460 (Howitzer) Battery RFA
4 City of Glasgow (Howitzer) Battery
5 (East Lancs) Battery RFA
9 French Howitzers & Supporting Naval 12 pdrs
Field Ambulance
86/Field Ambulance 87/Field Ambulance
88/Field Ambulance 89/Field Ambulance
108/Indian Field Ambulance
2/London Company RE[10] (TF)
2/Lowland Company RE (TF)
1/West Riding Field Company RE (TF)
Divisional Troops
29th Divisional Cyclist Company
RNAS[11] (Motor Maxim Squadrons)

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  1. Commanded by Brigadier-General William Marshall.
  2. Commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Cayley.
  3. Commanded by Brigadier-General W. Scott-Moncrieff.
  4. Commanded by Major-General H.V. Cox.
  5. Commanded by Brigadier-General Sir Hugh Simpson Baikie
  6. Royal Horse Artillery.
  7. Royal Field Artillery.
  8. Consisting of 6 (Victoria) Australian, 3 New Zealand FA and 6 (East Lancs) Batteries.
  9. Royal Garrison Artillery.
  10. Royal Engineers.
  11. Royal Naval Air Service.