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A history of the Lonsdale Battalion

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki

Writing a history of the Lonsdales has been done to a high standard before by several notable authors with a keen interest in the subject and a particular flair for telling a story. Authors with a keen eye for detail such as Stuart Eastwood and Douglas Sutherland, writing broader histories of the Border Regiment as a whole, take on board an informative prose that enlightens as well as educates. Even publications such as The Border Regiment in the Great War by Col. H.C. Wylly, CB, which at times can be a little dry, uses structured, factual information to it fullest. It is a combination of these styles that have been used to compile our history of the Lonsdales. It provides a factual base on which a story can be developed. That said, writing about the Lonsdales isn't just about informing the reader of their actions at a time of war it is also about having a passion for history and an interest in the subject to drive that passion forward.

Early group of Lonsdale at Blackhall

The author of this history is not a historian, nor a writer but has had a keen interest in the Battalion for over a decade. This history (not yet complete) will cover the period 1914 – 1918.

The following pages continue the Lonsdales story. They are in chronological order.

Sources used for this history

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