British Infantry Divisions, 1916 Somme Campaign

This table shows the British Divisions that fought in the First World War during the Somme campaign in 1916. Not all Divisions of the British Army fought in this battle, therefore, as the divisions are listed in numerical order you will notice that some are not listed here. Divisions were either infantry or cavalry and were categorised into three main areas, these being the Regular Army (professional), the Territorial Force (part-time) and the New Army (wartime). The Territorial Cavalry was referred to as Yeomanry.

Divisions during the First World War usually consisted of around ten to fifteen thousand soldiers and were considerable in size. These military units were composed of three Brigades and each brigade were made up of four regimental Battalions. At full strength a battalion would have between 800 and 1000 men. With the addition of the Pioneers the division was complete. Several divisions made up a Corps and several Corps made up an Army.

Information below was sourced from 'The Battle of the Somme: A Topographical History' by Gerald Gliddon and cross referenced with the Wikipedia article British Infantry Divisions in World War One.

Battalion Abbreviations

Use these abbreviations as an aid to the Order of Battle shown below.

Order of Battle of Infantry and Pioneer Battalions, The Somme

Guards Division
1st Guards Brigade 2nd Grenadier Guards 2nd Coldstream Guards 3rd Coldstream Guards 1st Irish Guards
2nd Guards Brigade 3rd Grenadier Guards 1st Coldstream Guards 1st Scots Guards 2nd Irish Guards
3rd Guards Brigade 1st Grenadier Guards 4th Grenadier Guards 2nd Scots Guards 1st Welch Guards
Pioneers 4th Coldstream Guards
1st Division
1st Brigade 10th Glocester 1st Black Watch 8th Royal Berkshire 1 Q.O.C.H.
2nd Brigade 2nd Royal Sussex 1st L.N. Lancshire 1st Northampton 2nd K.R.R.C.
3rd Brigade 1st S.W.B. 1st Glocester 2nd Welch 2nd R.M.F.
Pioneers 1/6th Welch
2nd Division
5th Brigade 24th Royal Fusiliers 17th Royal Fusiliers 2nd O. & B.L.I 2nd H.L.I.
6th Brigade 1st King's 2nd South Staffordshire 13th Essex 17th Middlesex
99th Brigade 22nd Royal Fusiliers 23rd Royal Fusiliers 1st Royal Berkshire 1st K.R.R.C.
Pioneers 10th D.C.L.I.
3rd Division
8th Brigade 2nd Royal Scots 8th East Yorkshire 1st Scots Fusiliers 7th K.S.L.I.
9th Brigade 1st Northumberland Fusiliers 4th Royal Fusiliers 13th King's 12th West Yorkshires
76th Brigade 8th K.O.R.L.R. 2nd Suffolk 10th Royal Welch Fusiliers 1st Gordons
Pioneers 20th K.R.R.C.
4th Division
10th Brigade 1st Royal Warwick 2nd Seaforth 1st Irish Fusiliers 2nd R. Dub. Fusiliers
11th Brigade 1st Sommerset L.I. 1st East Lancashire 1st Hampshire 1st Rifle Brigade
12th Brigade 1st King's 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd Essex 2nd D.W.R.
Pioneers 21st West Yorkshire
5th Division
13th Brigade 14th Royal Warwick 15th Royal Warwick 2nd K.O.S.B. 1st Royal West Kent
15th Brigade 16th Royal Warwick 1st Norfolk 1st Bedford 1st Cheshire
95th Brigade 1st Devon 12th Gloucester 1st East Surrey 1st D.C.L.I.
Pioneers 1/6th A & S.H.
6th Division
16th Brigade 1st Buffs 8th Bedford 1st K.S.L.I. 2nd York & Lancaster
18th Brigade 1st West Yorkshire 11th Essex 2nd D.L.I. 14th D.L.I.
71st Brigade 9th Norfolk 9th Suffolk 1st Leicester 2nd Sherwood Forresters
Pioneers 11th Leicester
7th Division
20th Brigade 8th Devon 9th Devon 2nd Border Regiment 2nd Gordons
22nd Brigade 2nd Royal Warwick 2nd Royal Irish 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers 20th Manchester
91st Brigade 2nd Queen's 1st South Staffordshire 21st Manchester 22nd Manchester
Pioneers 24th Manchester
8th Division
23rd Brigade 2nd Devonshire 2nd West Yorkshire 2nd Middlesex 2nd Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
24th Brigade 1st Worcestershire[1] 1st Sherwood Foresters 2nd Northampton 2nd East Lancashire
25th Brigade 2nd Lincolnshire 2nd Royal Berkshire 1st Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Rifle Brigade
Pioneers 22nd D.L.I.
9th (Scottish) Division
26th Brigade 8th Black Watch 7th Seaforth Highlanders 5th Q.O.C.H. 10th A. & S.H.
27th Brigade 11th Royal Scots 12th Royal Scots 6th K.O.S.B. 9th Scittish Rifles
S.A. Brigade 1st Regt. (Cape Prov.) 2nd Regt. (Natal & O.F.S.) 3rd Regt. (Trans & Rhod.) 4th Regt. (Scottish)
Pioneers 9th Seaforth Highlanders
11th (Northern) Division
32nd Brigade 9th West Yorkshire 6th Green Howards 8th D.W.R. 6th Yorkshire and Lancashire
33rd Brigade 6th Lincolnshire 6th Border Regiment 7th South Staffordshire 9th Sherwood Foresters
34th Brigade 8th Northumberland Fusiliers 9th Lancashire Fusiliers 5th Dorset 11th Manchester
Pioneers 6th East Yorkshire
12th (Eastern) Division
35th Brigade 7th Norfolk 7th Suffolk 9th Essex 5th Royal Berkshire
36th Brigade 8th Royal Fusiliers CLR 9th Royal Fusiliers CLR 7th Royal Sussex 11th Middlesex
37th Brigade 6th Queen's 6th Buffs 7th E. Surrey 6th Royal West Kent
Pioneers 5th Northampton
14th (Light) Division
41st Brigade 7th K.R.R.C. 8th K.R.R.C. 7th Rifle Brigade 8th Rifle Brigade
42nd Brigade 5th O. & B.L.I. 5th K.S.L.I. 9th K.R.R.C. 9th Rifle Brigade
43rd Brigade 6th Somerset L.I. 6th D.C.L.I. 6th K.O.Y.L.I. 10th D.L.I.
Pioneers 11th King's
15th (Scottish) Division
44th Brigade 9th Black Watch 8th Seaforth 8th 10th Gordons 7th Camerons
45th Brigade 13th Royal Scots 6th 7th Royal Scots Fus. 6th Camerons 11th A. & S.H.
46th Brigade 10th Scottish Rifles 7th 8th K.O.S.B. 10th 11th H.L.I. 12th H.L.I.
Pioneers 9th Gordons
16th (Irish) Division
47th Brigade 6th Royal Irish 6th Connaught Rangers 7th Lenister 8th R.M.F.
48th Brigade 7th R.I.R. 1st R.M.F. 8th R. Dub. Fus. 9th R. Dub. Fus.
49th Brigade 7th R. Innis. Fus. 8th R. Innis. Fus. 7th R.I.F. 8th R.I.F.
Pioneers 11th Hampshire
17th (Northern) Division
50th Brigade 10th West Yorks. 7th East Yorks. 7th Green Howards 6th Dorset
51st Brigade 7th Lincoln. 7th Border Regiment 8th South Staffs. 10th Sherwood For.
52nd Brigade 9th North'd Fus. 10th Lancs. Fus. 9th D.W.R. 12th Manchester
Pioneers 7th York & Lancaster Regt.
18th (Eastern) Division
53rd Brigade 8th Norfolk 8th Suffolk 10th Essex 6th R. Berks.
54th Brigade 11th Royal Fus. 7th Bedford 6th Northampton 12th Middlesex
55th Brigade 7th Queen's 7th Buffs. 8th E. Surrey. 7th R.W. Kent
Pioneers 8th R. Sussex
19th (Western) Division
56th Brigade 7th King's Own. 7th E. Lancs. 7th S. Lancs. 7th L.N. Lancs.
57th Brigade 10th R. Warwick 8th Gloster. 10th Worcs. 8th N. Staffs
58th Brigade 9th Cheshire 9th R. Welch Fus. 9th Welch 6th Wiltshire
Pioneers 5th S.W.B.
20th (Light) Division
59th Brigade 10th K.R.R.C. 11th K.R.R.C. 10th Rifle Brigade 11th Rifle Brigade
60th Brigade 6th O. & B.L.I. 6th K.S.L.I. 12th K.R.R.C. 12th Rifle Brigade
61st Brigade 7th Sommerset L.I. 7th D.C.L.I. 7th K.O.Y.L.I. 12th King's
Pioneers 11th D.L.I.
21st Division
62nd Brigade 12th North'd Fus. 13th North'd Fus. 1st Lincoln. 10th Green Howards
63rd Brigade 8th Lincoln.[2] 8th Sommerset L.I. 4th Middlesex 10th York & Lancs.
64th Brigade 1st E. Yorks. 9th K.O.Y.L.I. 10th K.O.Y.L.I. 15th D.L.I.
Pioneers 14th North'd Fus.
23rd Division
68th Brigade 10th North'd Fus. 11th North'd Fus. 12th D.L.I. 13th D.L.I.
69th Brigade 11th W. Yorks. 8th Green Howards 9th Green Howards 10th D.W.R.
70th Brigade[3] 11th Sherwood For. 8th K.O.Y.L.I. 8th York & Lanc. 9th York & Lanc.
Pioneers 9th S. Staffs.
24th Division
17th Brigade 8th Buffs 1st Royal Fusiliers 12th Royal Fusiliers 3rd Rifle Brigade
72nd Brigade 8th Queen's. 9th E. Surrey 8th R.W. Kent 1st N. Staffs.
73rd Brigade 9th R. Sussex 7th Northampton 13th Middlesex 2nd Lenister
Pioneers 12th Sherwood For.
25th Division
7th Brigade 10th Cheshire 3rd Worcs. 8th L.N. Lancs. 1st Wiltshire
74th Brigade 11th Lancs. Fus. 13th Cheshire 9th L.N. Lancs. 2nd R.I.R.
75th Brigade 11th Cheshire 8th Border Regiment 2nd S. Lancs. 8th S. Lancs.
Pioneers 6th S.W.B.
29th Division
86th Brigade 2nd Royal Fusiliers 1st Lancs. Fus. 16th Middlesex 1st R. Dub. Fus.
87th Brigade 2nd S.W.B. 1st K.O.S.B. 1st R. Innis. Fus. 1st Border Regiment
88th Brigade 4th Worcs. 1st Essex 2nd Hampshire R. Newfoundland Regt.
Pioneers 2nd Monmouth
30th Division
21st Brigade 18th King's 2nd Green Howards 2nd Wiltshire 19th Manchester
89th Brigade 17th King's 19th King's 20th King's 2nd Bedford
90th Brigade 2nd R. Scots Fus. 16th Manchester 17th Manchester 18th Manchester
Pioneers 11th S. Lancs.
31st Division
92nd Brigade 10th E. Yorks. 11th E. Yorks. 12th E. Yorks. 13th E. Yorks.
93rd Brigade 15th W. Yorks. 16th W. Yorks. 18th W. Yorks. 18th D.L.I.
94th Brigade 11th E. Lancs. 12th York & Lanc. 13th York & Lanc. 14th York & Lanc.
Pioneers 12th K.O.Y.L.I.
32nd Division
14th Brigade 19th Lancs. Fus.[4] 1st Dorset 2nd Manchester 15th H.L.I.
96th Brigade 16th North'd Fus. 15th Lancs. Fus. 16th Lancs Fus. 2nd R. Innis. Fus.
97th Brigade 11th Border Regiment 2nd K.O.Y.L.I. 16th H.L.I. 17th H.L.I.
Pioneers 17th North'd Fus.[5]
33rd Division
19th Brigade 20th Royal Fusiliers 2nd R. Welch Fus. 1st Cameronians 5th Scottish Rifles
98th Brigade 4th King's 1/4th Suffolk 1st Middlesex 2nd A. & S.H.
100th Brigade 1st Queen's 2nd Worcs. 16th K.R.R.C. 1/9th H.L.I.
Pioneers 18th Middlesex
34th Division
101st Brigade 15th R. Scots 16th R. Scots 10th Lincolns. 11th Suffolk
102nd Tyneside Scottish Brigade[6] 20th North'd Fus. 21st North'd Fus. 22nd North'd Fus. 23rd North'd Fus.
103rd Tyneside Irish Brigade[7] 24th North'd Fus. 25th North'd Fus. 26th North'd Fus. 27th North'd Fus.
Pioneers 18th North'd Fus.[8]
35th (Bantam) Division
104th Brigade 17th Lancs. Fus. 18th Lancs. Fus. 20th Lancs. Fus. 23rd Manchester
105th Brigade 15th Cheshire 16th Cheshire 14th Gloster 15th Sherwood For.
106th Brigade 17th R. Scots. 17th W. Yorks. 19th D.L.I. 18th H.L.I.
Pioneers 19th North'd Fus.
36th (Ulster) Division
107th Brigade 8th R.I.R. 9th R.I.R. 10th R.I.R. 15th R.I.R.
108th Brigade 11th R.I.R. 12th R.I.R. 13th R.I.R. 9th R.I.F.
109th Brigade 9th R. Innis. Fus. 10th R. Innis. Fus. 11th R. Innis. Fus. 14th R.I.R.
Pioneers 16th R.I.R.
37th Division
110th Brigade[9] 6th Leicester 7th Leicester 8th Leicester 9th Leicester
111th Brigade[10] 10th Royal Fusiliers 13th Royal Fusiliers 13th K.R.R.C. 13th Rifle Brigade
112th Brigade[11] 11th R. Warwick 6th Beford 8th E. Lancs. 10th L.N. Lancs.
Pioneers 9th N. Staffs[11]
38th (Welsh) Division
113th Brigade 13th R.W.F. 14th R.W.F. 15th R.W.F. 16th R.W.F.
114th Brigade 10th Welch 13th Welch 14th Welch 15th Welch
115th Brigade 10th S.W.B. 11th S.W.B. 17th R.W.F. 16th Welch
Pioneers 19th Welch
39th Division
116th Brigade 11th R. Sussex 12th R. Sussex 13th R. Sussex 14th Hampshire
117th Brigade 16th Sherwood For. 17th Shwerwood For. 17th K.R.R.C. 16th Rifle Brigade
118th Brigade 1/6th Cheshire 1/1st Cambs. 1/1st Herts. 4th/5th Black Watch
Pioneers 13th Gloster
41st Division
122nd Brigade 12th E. Surrey 15th Hampshire 11th R.W. Kent 18th K.R.R.C.
123rd Brigade 11th Queen's 10th R.W. Kent 23rd Middlesex 20th D.L.I.
124th Brigade 10th Queen's 26th Royal Fusiliers 32nd Royal Fusiliers 21st K.R.R.C.
Pioneers 19th Middlesex
46th (Northern Midland) Division (T.F.)
137th Brigade 1/5th S. Staffs 1/6th S. Staffs 1/5th N. Staffs 1/6th N. Staffs
138th Brigade 1/4th Lincoln 1/5th Lincoln 1/4th Leicester 1/5th Leicester
139th Brigade 1/5th Sherwood For. 1/6th Sherwood For. 1/7th Sherwood For. 1/8th Sherwood For.
Pioneers 1st Monmouth
47th (1/2nd London) Division (T.F.)
140th Brigade 1\6th London (City of London) 1/7th London (City of London) 1/8th London (P.O. Rifles) 1/15th London (C.S. Rifles)
141st Brigade 1/17th London (Poplar & Stepney Rifles) 1/18th London (London Irish Rifles) 1/19th London (St. Pancras) 1/20th London (Blackheath & Woolwich)
142nd Brigade 1/21st London (1st Surrey Rifles) 1/22nd London (The Queen's) 1/23rd London 1/24th London (The Queen's)
Pioneers 1/4th R.W.F.
48th (S. Midland) Division (T.F.)
143rd Brigade 1/5th R. Warwick 1/6th R. Warwick 1/7th R. Warwick 1/8th R. Warwick
144th Brigade 1/4th Gloster 1/6th Gloster 1/7th Worcs. 1/8th Worcs.
145th Brigade 1/5th Gloster 1/4th O. & B.L.I. 1/st Bucks. 1/4th R. Berks.
Pioneers 1/5th R. Sussex
49th (W. Riding) Division (T.F.)
146th Brigade 1/5th W. Yorks. 1/6th W. Yorks. 1/7th W. Yorks. 1/8th W. Yorks.
147th Brigade 1/4th D.W.R. 1/5th D.W.R. 1/6th D.W.R. 1/7th D.W.R.
148th Brigade 1/4th K.O.Y.L.I. 1/5th K.O.Y.L.I. 1/4th York & Lanc. 1/5th York & Lanc.
Pioneers 3rd Monmouth[12]
50th (Northumbrian) Division (T.F.)
149th Brigade 1/4th North'd Fus. 1/5th North'd Fus. 1/6th North'd Fus. 1/7th North'd Fus.
150th Brigade 1/4th E. Yorks. 1/4th Green Howards 1/5th Green Howards 1/5th D.L.I.
151st Brigade 1/5th Border Regiment 1/6th D.L.I. 1/8th D.L.I. 1/9th D.L.I.
Pioneers 1/7th D.L.I.
51st (Highland) Division (T.F.)
152nd Brigade 1/5th Seaforth 1/6th Seaforth 1/6th Gordons 1/8th A. & S.H.
153rd Brigade 1/6th Black Watch 1/7th Black Watch 1/5th Gordons 1/7th Gordons
154th Brigade 1/9th R. Scots 1/4th Seaforth 1/4th Gordons 1/7th A. & S.H.
Pioneers 1/8th R. Scots
55th (W. Lancs.) Division (T.F.)
164th Brigade 1/4th K.O.R.L.R. 1/8th King's 2/5th Lancs. Fus. 1/4th L.N. Lancs.
165th Brigade 1/5th King's 1/6th King's 1/7th King's 1/9th King's
166th Brigade 1/5th K.O.R.L.R. 1/10th King's 1/5th S. Lancs. 1/5th L.N. Lancs.
Pioneers 1/4th S. Lancs.
56th (1/1st London) Division (T.F.)
167th Brigade 1/1st London (R.F.) 1/3rd London (R.F.) 1/7th Middlesex 1/8th Middlesex
168th Brigade 1/4th London (R.F.) 1/12th London (Rangers) 1/13th London (Kensington) 1/14th London (Lon. Scot.)
169th Brigade) 1/2nd London (R.F.) 1/5th London (L.R.B.) 1/9th London (Q.V.R.) 1/16th London(Q.W.R.)
Pioneers 1/5th Cheshire
63rd (R.N.) Division
188th Brigade Anson Bn. Howe Bn. 1st R. Marine Bn. 2nd R. Marine Bn.
189th Brigade Hood Bn. Nelson Bn. Hawke Bn. Drake Bn.
190th Brigade 1st H.A.C. 7th Royal Fusiliers 4th Bedford 10th R. Dub. Fus.
Pioneers 14th Worcs.

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References / notes

  1. With the 23rd Division until the 15th July in exchange for the 70th Brigade
  2. Exchanged with the 110th Brigade of the 37th Division on 7th July
  3. With the 8th Division until the 15th July in exchange for the 24th Brigade
  4. Replaced by the 5th / 6th R. Scots on the 29th July
  5. Replaced by the 12th L.N. Lancs. on 19th October
  6. Attached to the 37th Division from the 7th July to 21st August; Replaced by 111th Brigade
  7. As above; Replaced by 112th Brigade
  8. As above; Replaced by 9th N. Staffs
  9. Exchanged with 63rd Brigade, 21st Division, 7th July
  10. Attached to the 34th Division from 7th July to 21st August
  11. 11.0 11.1 As above
  12. Replaced by 19th Lancs. Fus., 6th August
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