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Lonsdale Battalion image gallery

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
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The well-know idiom "A picture is worth a thousand words" has been used many times over to express the notion that a picture can convey information more effectively than the construct of words. Think about the First World War and imagine a few images that relate to this period. What images come to mind? Maybe images of battle-torn villages, quagmires, trenches, artillery and soldiers "going over the top." There are countless images taken from countless vantage points from many different countries, all depicting every conceivable aspect of the horrors of war. These galleries, however, are not like that. In fact they are very different indeed, as you will see.

The galleries

Here you will find images relating specifically to the Lonsdale Battalion during their initial formation and early stages of training up to and including the latter half of 1915. The galleries consist mostly of small collections primarily grouped by subject, although there are some several images that cross over into more than one subject. The majority of these images come from a few sources, two being The Lonsdale Battalion Border Regiment, September 1914 to June 1915.[a] and a series of rare sepia-toned photographic postcards, both comprising images from their initial training period at Blackhall Racecourse (Battalion HQ) through to time spent at Prees Heath Camp and Leyburn Camp before embarking for French shores. The images depict the men in their civvies lining up for roll call, engaged in bayonet training and aiming drills, digging entrenchments, physical exercise and parading through the streets of Carlisle. Other images from the local newspapers depict officers, non-commissioned officers and other ranks, of which a large number of have come from obituaries. In addition to these is a small series of images relating to Lowther Castle, the residence of the Earl of Lonsdale and part of the vast Lonsdale Estate. The castle today is a ruin, however, in it's heyday it was a country residence full of opulence and splendour.

The navigation bar

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The slideshow


The image galleries on 'The Lonsdale Battalion' would not have been possible if it wasn't for the help of the following people. Thanks go to:

  • Kevin Johnstone for providing us with a copy of the above-named booklet. Kevin is passionate about the Lonsdales and has worked tirelessly on his own research,[b] and collecting images produced here with his kind permission.
  • Colin Bardgett for allowing the use of images from his book The Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918.[c]


  1. A small booklet comprising a selection of photographs from the Lonsdale Battalion's early days of training. The booklet was published in 1915 by Chas. Thurnham and Sons, 11 English Street, Carlisle. Digital copy provided by Kevin Johnstone.
  2. The Lonsdale Pals Battalion, 11th (Service) Battalion Border Regiment 1914-1918 (website closed down)
  3. The images from this publication were kindly granted permission by Colin for use on the Border Regiment Wiki when it was first set up in 2005. That site has been discontinued and no longer exists. It has been replaced with this site, The Lonsdale Battalion – The home of the 11th (Service) Battalion Border Regiment in the First World War. Images used on the discontinued site have now been uploaded to this current site.
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