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Lonsdale Battalion Army List 1915

Transcript of Official British Army Lists 1914-1918 (11th Battalion Border Regiment)
Lonsdale Battalion Army Lists

The following list comprises names of all the officers commissioned in the Lonsdale Battalion on the date the army lists were published. The table below shows officers grouped by rank, listing the officer by name, the appointment date (of his rank/commission) and abbreviations (relating to his service). Acronyms or notes relating to the officers will be included as footnotes.

11th (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale)
In Command Machell, Capt. (temp. Lieutenant-Colonel) P.W., C.M.G. [L] retired. 1 Sept 14
Major (2nd in Command) no one listed.
Majors Harrison, C.H. (temp.) (Major Territorial Force Res.) 5 Nov 14
Captains Diggle, P.G.W. (temp.) (Lieutenant Border Regiment) Adjutant 3 Dec 14 29 Oct 14
Smith, R. (temp.) 3 Nov 14
Lieutenants Rivington, G.C. (temp.) 20 Oct 14
Hogarth, L.B. (temp.) 20 Oct 14
Dawson, A.J. (temp.) 25 Nov 14
2nd Lieutenants Margerison, C.W. (temp.) 27 Oct 14
Hobson, W.A. (temp.) 29 Oct 14
Walker, C.H. (temp.) 29 Oct 14
Harris, R.A.M. (temp.) 29 Oct 14
McKerrow, M. (temp.) 29 Oct 14
Gordon, M. (temp.) 9 Nov 14
Settle, A.T. (temp.) 21 Nov 14
Clart, C.H. (temp.) 30 Nov 14
Barnes, W.S. (temp.) 11 Dec 14
Adjutant Diggle, Capt. (temp.) P.G.W. (Lieutenant Border Regiment) 3 Dec 14
Quarter-Master Dawson, J.F. hon. lt. (temp.) 27 Oct 14
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