Nowell Oxland, Lieut.

Remembered with Honour
File:Nowell Oxland.jpg
A soldier of the Border Regiment
Name Nowell Oxland
Rank Lieutenant
Battalion 6th Border Regiment
Former unit
Where born
Ctry of service United Kingdom
Burial / Commemoration
Where died Gallipoli
How died
Age 24
Date of death 9th August 1915
Casualty type Commonwealth War Dead
Grave ref. I. C. 7.
Resting place Green Hill Cemetery

Nowell Oxland was born in 1890 and entered Durham School as a King's Scholar in September 1903 (Monitor and Head of School from 1908-1910; rowed in 3rd Crew in 1908 and 2nd Crew in 1909; played in the XV from 1907-1909). Left in 1909 for Worcester College, Oxford University where he was reading history when the war broke out. While at Oxford he played football for Rosslyn Park, Richmond, Middlesex and Cumberland Gazetted as a 2nd Lieut, 6th Bn, Border Regiment in 1914 and went to the Dardanelles with that unit in June 1915.

Took part in the landing at Sulva Bay on 7 August 1915 and was killed in an attack there two days later. He showed promise of becoming a poet and prose writer of distinction. One of the war poets, his poem 'Outward Bound' was first published in The Times in the year of his death.

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