Quotes by J. H. Cowie

The following quotes are by (former retired NCO, ex-Colour Sergeant) J. H. Cowie, Training Reserve Battalion Captain. Cowie acted as Battalion Sergeant Major from 1 October 1914, to 20 May 1915.

Training is the Order of the Day

From early morning to dusk physical training, preliminary manual drill and movements were practised. The training was handicapped, however, for a long time by the lack of rifles, even those for drill purposes only.[1]

Making the Lonsdales a 'Real Fighting Unit'

Training was preceding all this time at full pressure, the men becoming keener and keener as the work became more strenuous. The D.P. rifles[a] (12 rifles with ammunition were sent from the private rifle range at Wemyss Castle)[b] and in addition to musketry practice, route marches and manœvres on a limited scale were in the orders of the day; in fact no opportunity was lost in making the Battalion a real fighting unit.[1]


  1. A drill purpose rifle is generally a rifle that can no longer be fired due to the removal of the firing mechanism. These rifles are used for drill purposes and training exercises only.
  2. Wemyss Castle is located on a cliff range between the villages of East Wemyss and West Wemyss, Fife, Scotland.


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