The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918

Hello, I am Borderman, just a regular user of the Miraheze community, using their services to create this site, The Lonsdale Battalion, of which I am the administrator.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns I can be contacted in the following ways:

Main projects[edit source | hide]

Templates used for the Roll of Honour[edit source | hide]

The following templates are used to create soldier remembrance pages for the Lonsdale Battalion Roll of Honour.

Alternative infoboxes[edit source | hide]

So, not strictly infoboxes any more after being redesigned, however, these templates do make extensive use of tables.

Link templates[edit source | hide]

Hints and tips[edit source | hide]

To resize images so they are responsive to screen size use the following:

<div class="res-img">

The following is to be used on a soldier's commemorative scroll subpage.

<center><div class="res-img">
{{Commemorative scroll
 |battalion=11th Battalion (Lonsdale)
 |regiment=The Border Regiment}}
[[Category:Soldiers with a commemorative scroll]]

The following is to be used on a soldier's images subpage.

<gallery mode="packed-hover" heights=350px>  
Add list of files here without [[ ]]
{{images wanted}}
[[Category:Soldiers with an image gallery]]

Poppy photos for soldiers without main image[edit source | hide]

The following poppy images can be used on the soldier remembrance pages where there is no image of the soldier. The single poppy represents the soldier that fell and is remembered with this flower of peace.

The following poppy images can be used elsewhere throughout the site.