Casualties - Lewis and Ashton

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Rev. A.J.W. Crosse, Chaplain sent the following letter dated July.

Dear Mrs. Lewis,

My heart aches to have to write and tell you that your son, O.M. Lewis has passed away in one of our hospitals having been wounded badly in the attack of last week. I do not think he suffered much at the end. He was so patient and brave all through. Although you weep, you must be proud of such a boy. God will comfort you in your great loss. The lad lies in a cemetery close to his Colonel’s grave. We have put up a cross to his memory, and shall see that his last resting place is lovingly cared for. Believe me in very true sympathy.

Mr. and Mrs. Ashton, Darcy Street, Workington, received the following letter from the Rev. A.J.W. Crosse, Chaplain, dated July announcing the death of their son, Arthur.

Dear Mrs. Ashton,

I am very sorry that I have to write and tell you that your brave boy died in hospital an hour or two ago. Everything was done that could be done to save him and he passed away quietly after a day. He was so patient and brave! He lies in a cemetery not far away from his Colonel’s grave. We have put up a little cross to his memory. God help you in your sorrow, you must indeed feel proud of such a boy.

Deceased was a fine young fellow of 23 years of age, and before joining the colours, he was in the shop of Mr. Jeffrey & Co., Washington Street.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 14 July 1916.
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