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Frederick Cockayne Elton (Bt. Major)

Victoria Cross Recipient
The Victoria Cross without Bar
The Victoria Cross without Bar
Name Frederick Cockayne Elton
Born 23 April 1832
Died 24 March 1888 (aged 55)
Rank Brevet Major[1]
Battalion 55th Regiment of Foot
  21st Regiment of Foot
  67th Regiment of Foot
Action date 29 March, 7 June & 4 August 1855
Citation date 24 February 1857
Border Regiment Victoria Cross Citations


For distinguished conduct on the night of 4th August, 1855, when in command of a working party in the advanced trenches in front of the Quarries in encouraging and inciting his men, by his example, to work under a dreadful fire, and when there was some hesitation shown in consequence of the severity of the fire, going into the open and working with a pick and shovel, thus exhibiting the best possible example to his men. In the words of one of them, 'There was not another officer in the British Army who would have done what Major Elton did that night.'

In the month of March, 1855, Major Elton volunteered, with a small party of men, to drive off a body of Russians who were destroying one of our new detached works, and succeeded in doing so, taking prisoner one of the enemy with his own hands. On the night of the 7 June, 1855, Major Elton was the first of his party to leave our trenches leading his men; when in the Quarries, he several times rallied his men around him. [2]


Frederick Elton was born in Whitestaunton on the 23 April 1832. He won the Victoria Cross for action at Sebastopol in the Crimean War and later in life achieved the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He died in London on the 24 March 1888 and his Victoria Cross is displayed at the The King's Own Royal Border Regiment & Border Regiment (Carlisle, Cumbria, England).[3]


  1. Bt. or Brevet: usually referring to a warrant that authorizes a commissioned officer to temporarily hold a higher rank without the extra pay that would normally come with that rank except when actually serving in that role.
  2. London Gazette: (Supplement) no.21971, p.660
  3. Grave location for the holders of the Victoria Cross in the county of Somerset
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