Strength of 1st Border Regiment Officers, Gallipoli 1915

The following table represents the officers of the Battalion that sailed from Avonmouth on the 17 March, 1915, to the Dardanelles and the Gallipoli peninsula of Cape Helles. Included are non-commissioned officers and senior warrant officers.

Battalion Staff
Lieutenant-Colonel R.O.C. Hume
Major C.D. Vaughan, D.S.O.
Captain A.J. Ellis, adjutant
Captain J. Forbes-Robertson, transport officer
Lieutenant W. Ennis, quartermaster
Lieutenant J.G. Heyder, M.G.O.[1]
Lieutenant K.G. Hearne, R.A.M.C.[2] in medical charge
R.S.M.[3] W.G. Denereaz
R.Q.M.S.[4] R. Hase
Armourer Q.M.S.[5] H. Fermor
Sergeant-Drummer J.F. Turnbull
O.R. Sergeant W.E. Robins
Sergeant-Master-cook C. Brown
Pioneer-Sergeant J. Starkie
A Company
Major G.C. Brooke
Captain R. Head
Lieutenant J.T.B. Dinwiddie
Second-Lieutenant W. Clague
C.S.M.[6] C. Smith
C.Q.M.S.[7] H. Botham
B Company
Captain G.A. Morton
Captain R.H.H. Moore
Second-Lieutenant J.H. Proctor
Second-Lieutenant A. Wright
Second-Lieutenant C.S. Cay
C.S.M. F. Thorpe
C.Q.M.S. J. Coleman
C Company
Cpatain S.H.F. Muriel
G.H. Harrison
Lieutenant G.C. May
Lieutenant D.A. James
Lieutenant F.I.L. Perry
Second-Lieutenant J.S. Kennedy
C.S.M. H.J. Sedgwick
C.Q.M.S. W. Pannett
D Company
Captain H. Nelson
Captain F.H.S Le Mesurier
Captain H.E. Festing
Lieutenant R.B. Taylor
Second-Lieutenant W.G. Bartholomew
C.S.M. J. Juddick
Q.C.M.S. J. Troughton

References / notes

  1. Machine Gun Officer
  2. Royal Army Medical Corps
  3. Regimental Sergeant Major
  4. Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
  5. Quartermaster Sergeant
  6. Company Sergeant Major
  7. Company Quartermaster Sergeant
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