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The Lonsdale Battalion:Site projects

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918

Projects that are currently being developed by the administrator. However, feel free to add projects to this list and/or cross out any that have been completed using the {{Done|date=01-01-2017}} template.

The Lonsdale Battalion Introduction page[edit source]

The Lonsdale Battalion war diary[edit source]

  • Add old war diary transcripts from 1915–1918    (completed 8-7-2016)

The Lonsdale Battalion on this day...[edit source]

  • Add all the pre-existing on this day pages for the entire year    (completed 21-7-2016)
  • Go through war diary transcripts from November 1915 and double check events for each day of the year.
  • Add new events from the war diary transcripts that have not yet been included.
  • Add references and notes for each event where possible.
  • Add the names of Lonsdale men for enlistments and deaths to a subheading under each year.

Newspaper articles[edit source]

  • Transfer all newspaper articles from old the site and use the Quote-news template.    (completed 26-8-2016)
  • Add each article to the corresponding date in The Lonsdale Battalion on this day... project.    (completed 26-8-2016)

The Army Lists[edit source]

  • Transfer the Lonsdale Battalion British Army Listing from the old site using simple wikitable format.

Remembrance pages[edit source]

  • Create a remembrance page for every Lonsdale soldier.

Uploading image files[edit source]

  • Upload all Lonsdale related images from old wiki to the various image galleries.
  • Upload all Lonsdale related images from archives to the various image galleries.
  • Upload edited (borderless) versions of officer images (from K.J.) specifically for use in Template:Soldier-infobox   (completed 25-8-2016)
  • Upload edited (borderless) versions of other ranks images (from K.J.) specifically for use in Template:Soldier-infobox

Image galleries[edit source]

Lonsdale Battalion quotes[edit source]

Designing pages[edit source]

  • Main Page: Use the Tabber extension to redesign the main page. Used Template:Main Page/Frame instead.    (completed 7-8-2016)
    • Create one box with 8 tabs or two boxes with four tabs each (depending on aesthetics) to save space on the main page. (Design feature not used)
    • Add a single image or a slideshow of images to the main page.   (completed 7-8-2016)

Using special pages for other tasks[edit source]

  • Check the wanted pages listing and create new pages for every wanted page.
  • Check spelling of war diary / on this day entries where there are discrepancies and use ReplaceText:
    • Corcelles - change to Courcelles    (completed 14-8-2016)
    • Pushevillers - change to Puchevillers    (completed 14-8-2016)