Geoghegan's Bluff

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Geoghegan's Bluff.

Geoghegan's Bluff is a wide, flattish area of land above the Zig Zag of Gully Ravine, situated on the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula. After the steep walls of the ravine it is rather a welcome surprise. However, in 1915, this whole area was a huge temporary cemetery. After the war, those interred here whose graves could be located were moved to a special plot in Twelve Tree Copse cemetery. This is a good place to pause and have a drink. A 15 minutes walk over the fields to the north east will bring you to Y Ravine and Gurkha Bluff. The ravine is densely overgrown and it would be a major undertaking to climb down to Y beach.

Just north of Y Ravine you will see a line of trees and scrub running from the western seaward cliff back towards Gully Ravine. A closer inspection will reveal the remains of a long trench, deeper and better defined on the cliffward end. This is what remains of Gurkha Mule Trench, which ran up from Gully Ravine to Gurkha Bluff and the 'J' trench systems on this part of Gully Spur.

It is possible to follow the cliff edge from here northward to Nuri Yamut memorial and Fusillier's Bluff, but otherwise, return into Gully Ravine via Geoghegan's Bluff.

References / notes[edit]

  • Information: Andy Crooks, 2008.
  • Photograph courtesy of William T. Crookshanks.

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