Zig Zag

The Zig Zag forms part of the gully systems at Gully Ravine on the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula. A long walk through the southern and frequently open parts of the gully, a sharp 90 degree turn to the right takes one into the Zig Zag. Here the walls are extremely steep, especially on the right, the Fir Tree Spur side. In the top picture, the narrow path up onto Geoghegan's Bluff can just be discerned in the bushes to the left. The bluff is a few metres above head height, and it is easy to walk past and miss it completely. Whilst the lower parts of the ravine were primarily supply dumps and dressing stations etc. this area was close to the eventual front line.

Once you have climbed out of the Zig Zag and onto Geoghegan's Bluff, it is worth turning round to look north eastward over the gully. The sheer right-hand wall of the Zig Zag rises above you, and it is perhaps fitting to reflect that for many hundreds, the goat path than ran up and down this chalk cliff was the last time that they left the protection of the Gully. Under the fields and trees on the far side lie the 'H' trenches, which were so bitterly fought over in May and June 1915.

The road through the gully in 1915 ran as far as the front line, and the scene would have looked very different to present day. Today, fallen trees in this section and other parts of the gully are not uncommon. Most can be circumvented, however, some sections may be problematic. The return of nature to this area is remarkable. The cliff walls hide a wealth of evidence from the occupation period, but reaching these areas would be a major, not to mention hazardous task. This area housed the HQs of the 127th and 125th Brigades of 42nd Division, and the 8th Corp mining companies were also based here for tunnelling operations under the Boomerang Redoubt and the 'H' trenches up on Fir Tree Spur.

In recent times, apart from the breeze in the trees above, this place is deeply silent and still.

References / notes

  • Information: Andy Crooks, 2008.
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