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Joseph Fairlamb (17464)

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki

a soldier of the border regiment
remembered with honour

Lonsdale Battalion Roll of Honour

Name Joseph Fairlamb
Rank Private
Number 17464
Attached § No
Transferred ¥ No
Former unit None listed in SDGW
Enlisted Brampton, Cumberland
Resident Hallbankgate, Brampton
Born Hexham, Northumberland
Died 19 January 1915
Where died Home
How died d. (see notes)
Casualty type Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Grave
Reference no. 1.11
Resting place St. Thomas of Canterbury Churchyard, Farlam, Cumberland
*d. signifies that the soldier died but SDGW does not elaborate further. This could mean he died as a result of sickness such as dysentry, colitis, pneumonia or malaria etc., or possibly an accidental death.
*Husband of Mrs M. Barnes (formerly Fairlamb), of Crooks Tannery, Scotby, Carlisle, Cumberland


References and notes

See notes and definitions for primary source material and further information.
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