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19 January

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 19 January.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 19 January on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Tuesday)

1916 (Wednesday)

1917 (Friday)

  • Mailly-Maillet: Situated in billets.
  • One Officer per company goes into the trenches and remains in the line.
  • The Commanding Officer and five other officers visit the line prior to relieving the 2nd Gordons.
  • Deaths: Isaac Dugdale (20081) dies in the UK.

1918 (Saturday)

  • All Companies on 'B' Range. Transport moves by road for Langemarck Area.


  1. Joseph Fairlamb (17464) dies in the UK. He is buried at St. Thomas of Canterbury Churchyard, Farlam, Cumbria.


  1. Record No. DLONS/L/13/13/135
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