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13 January


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 13 January.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 13 January on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Wednesday)

  • Lt-Col. Machell to E Company: "I hear that some of the recruits E Company have been wearing the same shirt for a fortnight. Please see that full allowance of shirts, socks etc. for all recruits is drawn from the Quartermaster’s Stores as soon as possible." [1]
  • Letter from the Local Government Board: "The accommodation provided for the military at Blackhall Farm is not of a satisfactory nature... The men at the farm sleep in a number of loose boxes which differ somewhat in size and construction. None of them are efficiently ventilated, some have very imperfect means of ventilation and others no means of ventilation with the exception of the door which is probably closed in the night. Some 6 or 7 men generally occupy each loose box. I roughly measured two of them and found that the entire space available for each man in one loose box was about 200 cubic ft, while in the other it only amounted to about 160 cubic ft. I think that the conditions at Blackhall Farm are such as to be prejudicial to the health of the men and that no time should be lost in providing more suitable accommodation either by the erection of huts or otherwise." [2]
  • Progress report on huts: C Company arrived from Kendal 5th instant and is accommodated in four huts 90’ x 20’ just completed. New Latrines will be ready this week. Drying rooms for 3 Companies will be ready in about 10 days. Ablution rooms for 2 Companies within 1 week. Officers’ mess nearing completion. A second block of officers’ quarters nearing completion. [3]
  • Punishments: H. Weightman (15276) and G. Tomlinson (13447) are given 7 days’ detention. [4]

1916 (Thursday)

  • Aveluy: Situated in the F1 sector. One man is wounded.
  • Lt-Col. P. W. Machell: "McKerrow (Lieut.) was out with a small patrol, bumped into sniper—all Germans started to shoot—McKerrow told the men to crawl, and got back with corporal and two men. Two other men were missing; they lost their way, keeping too much to the right, climbed carefully over what they thought was our parapet, and found good steps inside, trenches 12 feet deep, all well walled up, and the floors boarded, clean and dry. One said to the other, These ain’t our [?] trenches! - saw a fine dug-out, and wanted to throw a bomb in, and the German wire had been so awful to get through they knew they wouldn’t be able to. They just had time to skip up on top of the parapet when 40 men passed within a yard of them. They got through the wire with some noise, the Germans firing as the wire rattled, but got back safely." [5]

1917 (Saturday)

1918 (Sunday)

  • Tournehem: Attending church services.


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