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6 January


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 6 January.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 6 January on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Wednesday)

  • Cleaning of barrack rooms before parade and inspection by the Brigadier.[1]
  • Safety warning: "In order to reduce the risk of fire, O.C. Companies will ensure all stoves, in quarters and barrack rooms, being raked out and made safe before lights out. At least one NCO per room is required to be in his quarters, from last post, each evening, and it will be one of his most important duties to see that this is enforced. Steps are being taken to provide iron plates....outside each stove, but meanwhile the greatest care must be taken." [1]
  • Company bathing: "The Carlisle Corporation has kindly consented to allow C Company to visit the Baths on Thursday morning each week. The O.C. C Company will take special care to see that this privilege is respected and that all instructions of the attendant are immediately complied with." [1]
  • Thirty-one new recruits enlist into E Company.[1][a]

1916 (Thursday)

  • Aveluy: In billets at Aveluy involved in fatigue duty for the Royal Engineers.
  • Private T.C. Seymour writes to the Workington Star and Harrington Guardian about the "Rats in Millions." [2]
  • Private R. Laybourne writes to the Workington Star and Harrington Guardian: "Dear Mr. Star Man, Just a few lines of thanks for your parcel of cigs, Which I got all right. They came in very handy, as my mates and I were run out of smokes. We are out of the trenches for a break now, but I think by the time you get this letter we will be backing the firing line again. I used to be one of the old 'Star' lads. Wishing your valuable paper and readers every success, and best of luck in the coming year." [3]

1917 (Saturday)

  • Puchevillers: A Company leaves Puchevillers in lorries to Bus, then marches to Courcelles, proceeding to trenches in the C3 Sector as support.

1918 (Sunday)

  • Tournehem: Battalion has Church service.


  1. The following men elist into E Company:
    • James Benson (17432)
    • Henry Weighman (17433)
    • Wilfred Pattinson (17434)
    • William Wills 17435)
    • Jack Nichol (17436)
    • J.N. Rumney (17437)
    • James Robinson (17438)
    • T.N. Heskett (17439)
    • Foster Bowness (17440)
    • Thomas Dugdale (17441)
    • John Pattinson (17442)
    • Joseph Gamsby (17443)
    • George Parkin (17444)
    • George A. Clarke (17445)
    • W.J. Little (17446)
    • H.N. Boswell (17447)
    • T.F. Mitchell (17448)
    • John Cowen (17449)
    • T. Ashbridge (17450)
    • Henry Scott (17451)
    • Murdoch McLean (17452)
    • A. McCampbell (17453)
    • James Carruthers (17454)
    • Robert Long (17455)
    • J.H. Burton (17456)
    • W.P. Peacock (17457)
    • N.J. Thorburn (17458)
    • N.H. Wilson (17459)
    • T.E. Bowker (17460)
    • William Elliott (17461)
    • William Spencer (17462)


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