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Lonsdale mentions in the London Gazette

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki

The "official newspapers of records in the United Kingdom" are the London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes. During the First World War a large and varied amount of information such as War despatches and Military Honours etc., were printed in the London Gazette. It was the fast track way of reading about the progress of the war, who had been commissioned, who had died and what political issues had been raised as a result of what was happening over seas.

Pages from The London Gazette during this period have been digitised and are available to view or download free of charge. Much of The London Gazette can be searched, ranging from 1752-1998. Although these are digital scans from original pages, the material contained withing the historic archives cannot be assumed to be wholly reliable in a current context.

The linkable date is the date of publication in the supplement.


  • 14 October – Captain Percy W. Machell, C.M.G. (late The Essex Regiment), The Lonsdale Battalion, The Border Regiment.[1]
  • 1 December – The Lonsdale Battalion, The Border Regiment, Major Charles Henry Harrison, Territorial Force Reserve, to be temporary Major. Dated 5th November, 1914.
    • The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants: —
      • Gerald C. Rivington. Dated 20th October, 1914.
      • Caleb Walden Margerison. Dated 27th October, 1914.
      • William Anthony Hobson. Dated 29th October, 1914.
      • Cuthbert Horsbrugh Walker. Dated 29th October, 1914.
      • Robert Austin Meire Harris. Dated 29th October, 1914.
      • Mungo McKerrow. Dated 29th October, 1914.
      • Michael Gordon. Dated 9th November, 1914.
  • 4 December – The Lonsdale Battalion, The Border Regiment, Alfred Towers Settle to be temporary Second Lieutenant. Dated 21st November, 1914.
      References & Notes
  1. Referring to his commission as the commanding officer of the battalion.
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