2/4th Battalion - Diary 1918

January 1st New Year's Day. Station parade.
January 12th The Battalion (15 officers and 467 other ranks) proceeded to Jallozai for battalion training.
January 23rd The Battalion left Jallozai and proceeded to Nowshera Thana.
January 24th The Battalion left Nowshera Thana and arrived at Walai for brigade training with the 1st Infantry Brigade, consisting of 2nd Battalion Somerset Light Infantry, the 15th Sikhs and the 35th Sikhs, No. 6 Mountain Battery, No. 263 Machine Gun Company; one squadron 33rd Cavalry and one section 1st Sappers and Miners were attached to the Brigade.
February 1st & 2nd Inspection of the Brigade in the field by the G.O.C. 1st and 2nd (Peshawar) Division.
February 4th & 5th Inspection of Brigade in the field by the Northern Army and 5th Commander (General Sir A. A. Barrett, K.C.B.).
February 7th The Battalion left Walai. Arrived Nowshera Thana 7th, Pabbi 8th, Upper Dag 9th, Cherat 10th.
February 20th Inspection of the Battalion by Brigadier-General G.D. Crocker, G.O.C. 1st Infantry Brigade.
April 22nd “A” Company left Cherat for Peshawar.
April 23rd Headquarters, “C” and “D” Companies left Cherat for Lower Gharial.
April 24th “A” Company arrived at Peshawar.
April 29th Headquarters, “C” and “D” Companies arrived at Lower Gharial.
May 2nd “B” Company marched from Cherat to Nowshera via the Manki Pass.
November 1st Headquarters, “C” and “D” Companies left Lower Gharial for Cherat.
November 7th Arrived Cherat and joined “B” Company, which had left Nowshera in October, marching to Cherat via the Manki Pass.
November 16th Station parade to hear the Armistice terms read.
November 20th The Battalion celebrated the signing of the Armistice.
November 22nd Ten days' holiday by order of the Commander-in-Chief, India.
December 12th Headquarters, “B” “C and “D” Companies left Cherat for Peshawar. Arrived 14th, quartered in the Khyber Barracks.
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