2nd Battalion War Diary, June 1917

    2nd Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/1655 & WO/95/1656    
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Reference Maps: FRANCE 51b SW, FRANCE 57c NW, and ECOUST ST-MEIN
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion continued its training.
The Battalion moved to camp in the vicinity of B.27.c near MORY starting at 2.15pm and arriving about 4pm.
The Battalion relieved the 2/11th London Regt. in Right Support leaving camp at 9.30pm. Relief was completed at about 1am on 15th.
15/6/17 to
The Battalion was distributed as follows:-

Battn Hdqrs in ECOUST.
A Coy in Railway Embankment in C4b 9.5.
B Coy in shelters in Sunken Road C.4.a.
C and D Coys to shelters in LONGATTE-MOREIUL Road.
The Battalion remained in position in support. During this period ECOUST ST MEIN was intermittently shelled by the enemy.
Our casualties were:-
16/6/17: 2 killed,[1] 5 wounded (while on working party).

The Battalion relieved the 9th Devon Regt. in the front line relief being completed about 12 midnight.
The frontage held was from U.23.c.8.1 (right) to U.22.c.92.25 (left). Distribution:–

Right Front Coy - D Coy.
Centre Front Coy - C Coy.
Left Front Coy - B Coy.
A Coy in support in U.29.c.
Battn Hdqrs in Railway embankment in U.28.d.2.1. The day passed quietly. LONDON TRENCH (U.28.b.1.9) was shelled with whizz-bangs between 2am and 3am. Casualties 3 wounded.

Enemy artillery fairly active. BULLECOURT AV – TANK AV – RAILWAY TRENCH & LONDON TRENCH received direct hits in the evening.

A HV gun shelled various fronts during the afternoon. Casualties 1 Wd & missing.[2] 1 wounded.

Enemy artillery generally quiet during day. During the night LONDON TRENCH was shelled at intervals. Casualties 3 wounded.
Enemy artillery active throughout day. The Battalion was relieved by 9th Devons Regt and proceeded to support line, relief being completed at 12.30am. The Battalion was distributed as follows:

Battn Hdqrs in ECOUST. "A" & "D" Coys to shelters in LONGATTE - MOREIUL Road. "B" Coy to shelters in Sunken Road C.4.a. "C" Coy to shelters in Railway embankment C.4.b.9.5.

23-24 June
The Battalion remained in support. During this time ECOUST and the railway embankment were intermittently shelled by guns of all calibres. Casualties 1 killed[3] and 8 wounded.

A special patrol consisting of 2nd Lieut. F. MAHONEY[4] and Sergt. R. LADE went out on night 24/25th and 25/26th. Enemy Posts were located at U.23.b.24 and U.23.d.39 but none of the enemy were encountered.

The Battalion was relieved in Right Support by 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt. and proceeded to camp in the vicinity of A.28.a.84. Relief was completed about 1.30am.
The Battalion remained in camp refitting and reorganising.
The Battalion commenced training.
The Battalion continued training.
The Battalion continued training.
The Battalion continued training.

The following officers joined the Battalion during the month:
3/6/17 2nd Lieut. F. Argles.
18/6/17 2nd Lieut. F. Mahoney.
25/6/17 2nd Lieut. G.W.B. Shepherd. Joined.
25/6/17 2nd Lieut. H.A. Hislop.
28/6/17 2nd Lieut. H.J. Haynes
28/6/17 2nd Lieut. W.S. Warren.[5]

Drafts as under joined the Battalion during the month:
17 OR 3/6/17.      9 OR 9/6/17.      7 OR 13/6/17.      3 OR 18/6/17.      5 OR 22/6/17.

29 OR were evacuated sick during the month.

Total strength of Battn on last day of month 35 Officers 658 O Ranks

[signed] G.E. Beaty-Pownall[6]
Lieut. Colonel
Commanding 2nd Bn The Border Regt.

References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/1655
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary transcribed by P. Bramham.
  1. Both died 16/06/1917 and both are commemorated on the ARRAS MEMORIAL:
    • John Richard Briant, (Pte. 7856) and Joseph Booth (Pte. 22136).
  2. Aguila Slater (Pte. 22332). Commemorated on the Arras Memorial.
  3. William Carr (Pte. 13683). Died 24/06/1917. Age: 42. Buried at Grevillers British Cemetery.
  4. F. Mahoney, MC. (2nd Lieut.) Died 06/10/1917. Buried at Bedford House Cemetery.
  5. William Stanley Warren (2nd Lieut.) Died 10/10/1917. Age: 24. 3rd Border Regiment (attd. 2nd Border Regiment). Buried at Godewaersvelde British Cemetery.
  6. George Ernest Beaty-Pownall, DSO (Lt-Col.) Died 10/10/1918 Age: 41. 2nd Border Regiment (attd. 1st Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers). Buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. His brother Thomas also died with 2nd Border Regiment.
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